Adorable Baby Yoda Valentine's Day Pop-Up Card Available At Amazon

There wasn’t much in the way of merchandise around the time of the show’s debut, and Baby Yoda plushies won’t be available before Valentine’s Day, but you can still surprise your significant other with a gift that celebrates The Mandalorian’s breakout star. Greeting card company Lovepop creates handcrafted pop-up cards, and its latest design features an adorable Baby Yoda pop-up. Check it out below.

The outside of the blue card includes a picture of Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet with the simple greeting “For You.” When the card is opened, a wonderfully designed Baby Yoda pops up. The backdrop of the scene on Arvala-7–the planet where Mando found Baby Yoda–depicts the Razor Crest ship. You can also see a frog, who obviously doesn’t know it’s about to get eaten, hopping toward Baby Yoda. The pop-up card costs $15 and is available to purchase at Amazon.

Lovepop uses ship-building software to create its designs, and the pop-up models are created with kirigami, an offshoot of origami that involves both folds and cuts.

While I think the 3D model of Baby Yoda shows your partner how deeply you care for them already, the card comes with a blank note to write your Valentine’s Day message on.

If for some odd reason your partner doesn’t like Baby Yoda, Lovepop has a ton of designs to choose from, including a traditional bouquet, Mickey and Minnie, and Baby Yoda’s arch-nemesis for the cuteness crown, Baby Groot. If you’re looking for a gift to go with the card, we put together a list Valentine’s Day gift ideas for gamers.

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