Adriana Chechik Will Need A Back Brace After TwitchCon Injury

Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik broke her back in two places when she jumped from a podium into a shallow foam pit at TwitchCon a few days ago. She has since undergone surgery and tweeted to tell fans that she'll need a back brace but the surgery went well.

Chechik wasn't the only person hurt in the pit, but her injuries seem to be the most severe. She tweeted that her bones were completely crushed and that she also sustained nerve damage to her bladder, rendering her unable to pee.

Despite the accident and surgery, Chechik appears to be in good spirits. She tweeted a GIF of Regina George from Mean Girls in a back brace along with the caption, "So I will have a brace for a long time so this will be me! If anyone know where u can bling it out or dip it in pink chrome holler this way!"

The foam pit Chechik and other streamers hurt themselves in was actually a collaboration between Intel and Levono as opposed to a program put on by Twitch, and people had to sign a waiver acknowledging the possibility of injury before entering. Still, several people were injured due to the shallowness, with some reporting it was only three cubes deep on a concrete floor.

Fellow streamers xQc and Amouranth also had troubling experiences at TwitchCon. xQc was groped by a woman and had his genitals grabbed, while Amouranth had to get her security to deal with a stalker.

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