Age of Calamity: 10 Pro Tips For Playing As King Rhoam

Even though King Rhoam didn’t appear to fight on the front lines in Breath of the Wild, he appears in Age of Calamity as a playable character, being one of the many casualties of the Great Calamity saved by Terrako’s appearance and influence in this alternate timeline.

Wielding one of the biggest swords in the game, Rhoam fights alongside his daughter to defeat Calamity Ganon once and for all and shows that he isn’t simply a figurehead monarch, as he is more than capable of fighting side by side with the Hero of the Wild.

10 Playstyle

King Rhoam is a fairly standard two-handed melee character along the same lines as Link, however, he has a few mechanics that make him stand out. The ability to change his appearance at will also changes his attack speed and strong attack combos, effectively giving him two separate combo strings for both his basic combos and strong attack combos and adds some much-needed diversity to his playstyle. In general, if you are good at using two-handed Link, you will probably find Rhoam just as good to play as.

9 Strong Attack

Rhoam’s strong attack is one of the wider hitting attacks on any character, including Link’s one-handed weapons, as he can combo the standard strong attack with his guise change mechanic to deal even more damage while also being a good way of quickly changing Rhoam’s weapon without having to stop for a second. In general, this strong attack is good for both closing distances as well as clearing small groups of Bokoblins, making it an attack that you should probably use more often than not.

8 Special Attack

Although Rhoam has two different weapons, his special is essentially the same no matter which one he is using at the time. Unlike Link’s two-handed special, which is a fairly narrow attack, Rhoams is much wider and hits most enemies on screen who are in front of him for serious damage.

If there are more than one large enemies on screen at once, it is very easy to hit all of them at the same time with this attack, so long as you kite them affectively into his attack range and is a good way to break their shields and bring up their weak point gauges quickly.

7 Basic Combo String

Rhoam has two basic combo strings, one for his sword and one for the axe, though they are both fairly similar when it comes to the animations of the attacks. The greatsword attacks are slower but have a greater chance to stun enemies, while the axe’s combo is much faster though less prone to stunning enemies, though the upside is that you can change Rhoam’s guise much faster while using the axe. Both combo strings are OK, but they don’t deal anywhere near as much damage as his strong attack combos do.

6 Strong Attack Combos

This is the bread and butter of Rhoam’s combat. For the most part, each of his strong attack combos is fairly useful in any particular situation, but as a general rule of thumb, his earlier combos are more single target focused while his later ones can deal with hordes of enemies fairly quickly. His fourth and fifth combos are also capable of dealing large amounts of damage to bosses and mini-bosses, so they should be used often against those enemy types.

5 Weak Point Drainer

Rhoam’s ability to drain weak point gauge’s is fairly strong with both his third axe combo or second great-sword combo, but one of his best weak point drainers comes from his fifth great-sword combo, which will stun the enemy and bring up its weak point gauge before being able to deal considerable damage while changes guises. This will also transition Rhoam into his axe form, meaning you can follow the fifth great-sword combo up with his third axe combo to drain weak point gauges fairly quickly and consistently.

4 Sheikah Runes

Rhoam may have a lot going on with his weapons and general combat mechanics, but when it comes to his Sheikah Slate abilities, they are pretty stock standard and nothing to write home about. For the most part, the best use Rhoam will get out of any of the Rune abilities is when they are prompted on a larger enemy.

Like most characters, Stasis is still great for Rhoam, as it will allow him to perform his fifth great-sword combo uninterrupted and can potentially stun-lock large enemies if the Stasis Rune’s recharge time has been upgraded enough times.

3 Defending

For the most part, dodging is better than defending for the majority of characters, with the exception of shielded characters like Link and Urbosa or overly large characters like the Great Fairies. While the same can be said for Rhoam, his defensive abilities when blocking shouldn’t be ignored either and he is more than capable of tanking a few hits while blocking with his great-sword or axe.

2 Weapon Modifiers

One of Rhoam’s biggest weaknesses is the slow attack speed of his great-sword combos, which can be easily offset by making sure he has some Attack Speed modifiers on his weapons. Attack Range is also fairly useful since he already has some decent range for a melee character and can make Rhoam even more formidable from a distance, while Strong Attack and Dash Attack damage can allow him to make full use of his standard strong attacks for more effective field clearing.

1 Unique Action

The main purpose of Rhoam’s unique action is to switch between his great-sword and his axe, though if this is done outside of a combo, he will be locked in place and susceptible to damage not unlike Urbosa’s lighting charge mechanic. The best time to use Rhoam’s unique action is in the middle of a combo, as there aren’t many reasons why one form should take priority over another in general combat and only comes into play when facing larger enemies. The easiest way to switch guises while in combat is to perform a basic strong attack and immediately follow it up with his unique action, as these attacks are normally executed quickly enough that you can immediately follow it up with another combo.

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