All Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Eggs We Know So Far

The Respawn team do adore to leave us Apex Legends players with a fair few easter eggs. If they’re not teasing a brand new limited-time mode or a whole new character, we get hidden dolls and reverential nods to Titanfall and beyond. Many of these easter eggs find their way to the Firing Range, Apex Legends’ training centre, and with a specific set of inputs, you can unlock them for yourself.

There are two especially interesting easter eggs to be found in the Firing Range which change the way you play while in there, in addition to a whole bunch of Nessy dolls, which are hidden absolutely everywhere. If you explore you can find all of those by yourself. In this guide we’ll be breaking down the big easter eggs we know of and how you can activate them in Apex Legends.

Third Person Mode

The third-person mode made its way into competitive matches as a limited-time mode a long while ago, and while it’s very interesting, it is very clearly not how the game was designed to be played. Respawn clearly didn’t put as much thought into third person character animations and how the weapon scopes would work in this mode. Despite that though it’s definitely worth trying out, and here’s how it’s done…

  • Load into the Firing Range.
  • You will start with a P2020. Open your inventory and drop it on the ground.
  • Using a legend’s abilities, make your way to the far right corner of the map, shown in the video above. Once there find the large bush in the corner, crouch, face the floor, and use the menu to change your legend.

If you did everything correctly, you will have access to third person mode while in the Firing Range. Very fun to try out with friends.

AI Dummies

There are red dummies in the Firing Range that stand in place, waiting for you to shoot them, which is all well and good, but practising might be easier if they moved around a bit and shot back at you, right? Well that’s exactly what this easter egg achieves, and you perform it in a similar way to the last.

  • Load into the Firing Range.
  • Once again you should immediately open your menu and drop your equipped weapons.
  • Exit the room you spawn inside in the Firing Range, and then head immediately to the left to find an identical room next to it.
  • Inside this room use a legend ability to climb onto the upper shelf.
  • Go to the back centre of the shelf, crouch, face the floor, and change your legend.

Once you exit the room and return to the main area of the Firing Range you will find the dummies have a mind of their own and will attempt to shoot you down, making for an interesting change.

Hidden Nessy

Finally, there are loads of hidden Nessy dolls all around Olympus, World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and, of course, the Firing Range. If you want to find some Nessy dolls you should head to the right side of the Firing Range and use the zipline to head upwards. There are dolls on top of the platforms here which you can reach as Pathfinder, or on the giant bone structure in the centre of the Firing Range. Check corner and you might be surprised at what you find! Just remember that Crypto’s drone is by far the best way to check all of those secret spots.

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