All-Female Cast Of D&D Players Take On ‘Night Of Dread’ For Extra Life Charity

A group of celebrity Dungeons & Dragons players is getting together under the Lost Odyssey banner once again. This time, however, the adventure will be a spooky one to go with the season. It will also be Matthew Lillard’s (Scream, Hackers, Scooby Doo) first time serving as Dungeon Master for a livestreamed D&D show. The players, meanwhile, are all well-known women in the tabletop scene. And they’re all coming to this event in the name of Extra Life.

Lost Odyssey is a series of live D&D productions that aims to use the power of storytelling for a good cause. They get big-name sponsors like Beadle & Grimm’s, Neverwinter, and Dungeons & Dragons itself. Audience members can sometimes get prizes or discounts related to these business. What they do always get is a high-end production where proceeds go towards a charity. Previous events took place on a live stage with a full set and audio/visual aids. But since this is 2020 and everything sucks, the show has moved to a webcame-from-home setup.

The newest event is Lost Odyssey: Night of Dread. It takes place on October 30 at 7pm. Viewers can watch on the official D&D YouTube channel and donate to Extra Life as the game goes on. Lillard will DM the horror-themed adventure for a cast of Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Daredevil), Kate Welch (Acquisitions Incorporated), Jasmine Bhullar (Relics & Rarities), Ember Moon (WWE NXT), & Krystina Arielle (Fungeons & Flagons). The performers will all be in costume.

While many of these performers have famous characters in other D&D shows, Lost Odyssey takes place in its own pocket dimensions. The performers usually bring their famous characters, but the story has them brought together from across the multiverse for a one-shot mission. This way, fans can see their favorites in action but newcomers won’t be lost.

Whatever your level of investment in D&D is, Lost Odyssey presents a way to make a difference and enjoy a great story. That’s actually the mission statement – using the power of stories to make a difference in the real world.

“Lost Odyssey: Night of Dread is a Halloween-from-home special giving viewers a seasonal touchstone event to take part in,” says the Press Release. “With such a trying year in 2020, webcam games like these are a way for friends to find and keep community in such a stressful time. People coming together and telling stories to help one another— gathering around the proverbial campfire, and telling a story as one at the same digital ‘table’ in a time of social distancing.”

You can tune into Lost Odyssey: Night of Dread on October 30.

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