Among Us gets Hide & Seek mode and Map 5 with new roadmap

Innersloth has announced a host of new features for Among Us, including new modes, maps, roles, cosmetics, and achievements.

The belatedly meteoric success of Among Us looks set to continue with developer Innersloth announcing a suite of new features at Summer Game Fest for their 2021 roadmap.

The biggest news is a whole new mode, the self-explanatory Hide & Seek. Although there does seem to be an interesting twist where you can only see other players within a tiny circle around you, with everything else fading to black.

There was zero information on the fifth map, just a promise it is happening, but there will be a number of new roles for players to take on, including a sheriff and scientist – although there’s no indication of how they’ll work yet.

Another big change to the game is that the total number of players in a match will be raised from 10 to 15, which is going to be interesting.

Other more minor additions include new crewmate colours, including tan, maroon, grey, rose, banana, and coral. So even if you lose you can now get some inspiration for how to paint your living room.

There’ll also be new visor cosmetics soon, although it’s unclear if they’ll be paid-for or not (like most roadmaps everything’s quite vague at the moment).

Along with controller support on mobile all these features, except the fifth map, will be added in the next big update, which is implied to be imminent but wasn’t actually given a date.

After that, Innersloth is also working on an achievement system and account linking between different format versions of the game. They’ve also got the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game to finish but they haven’t put a date on that either.

It’s possible some of these features were originally planned for Among Us 2, but all work on the sequel was cancelled some time ago when the first game became a surprise hit during lockdown.

Among Us is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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