Among Us VR Listed With November 10 Release Date On Steam Database

Among Us VR will bring the wildly successful hidden-role game to a brand new format. In VR, Among Us Impostors won’t hear you scream, but they can certainly stab you repeatedly in the chest.

The game was first announced at The Game Awards last December with a 30-second trailer that showcased a fully 3D environment to get stabbed in. Tasks will need to be completed by actually pressing buttons, grabbing wires, or turning valves. It’s still not known how Impostors will perform their deadly actions, but I’m hoping it’s repeated thrusts of the controller at roughly chest height.

We also don’t know for sure when Among Us VR will arrive, but now we have a pretty good idea thanks to a recent update on SteamDB. An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted the update which now puts Among Us VR out on November 10, 2022.

There’s been nothing in terms of an official announcement from Innersloth or Among Us VR developer Schell Games (who’s taken over for Innersloth to create the VR port), and there’s still no Steam store page for Among Us VR either. Thanks to today’s leak, we might get an announcement sooner rather than later.

Among Us is continuing to stay relevant after its break-out success over the pandemic with exceptional crossovers like Halo’s Master Chief getting a skin, or by turning what was once an April Fools' joke into an actual game mode where you play as a horse. Among Us was also recently featured in Jeopardy where the question was “sus.”

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