Apex Legends: Complete Fuse Guide

The new legend who was introduced in Season 8 to the Apex Legends roster is named Fuse, and he is someone that every player hopes to unlock. He has a thing for explosives and players are already complaining that he is too overpowered. However, despite his ability to deal some massive damage many players still don’t know how to use him effectively.

There are a few tips and tricks that can take your gameplay with Fuse to the next level. You will become the Apex Champion in no time just by making a few small adjustments to how you use Fuse the next time you play!


Each legend comes equipped with an ultimate, tactical, and passive ability that is centered around the core aspect of their personality. You have Wattson with electricity and Bloodhound with tracking, but this new character is of a different breed.

Fuse is obsessed with explosions and fire which is why his abilities are as follows:

  • Ultimate: The Motherlode
  • Tactical: Knuckle Cluster
  • Passive: Grenadier


The Motherlode provides a ring of flames around an opponent, and it can be shot a great distance. This allows you to be a decent distance from them, or 200 meters to be exact, so you don’t take damage in the process of trying to lay it down.

The fire will damage and slow your enemies, so one tip is to make sure you have it ready for the end-game. It comes in handy as the circle grows smaller since you can use it to dictate where your opponents go and how fast they can run.

The one thing to watch out for though is that Fuse himself can be damaged by the fire, but his teammates won’t take any hits.


Fuse has something called the Knuckle Cluster as his tactical and it allows him to shoot a barrage of explosives that explode in the air. The entire charade lasts for a total of 1.5 seconds and it can make things very difficult for your opponents to see.

This makes him similar to Bangalore in a way as they can be used to provide cover, but they can also be an aggressive weapon as well. The cluster bombs have the ability to stick to your opponents and can even inflict minor damage to anyone within the immediate area. It is up to you to gauge the situation so you don’t waste it and have to wait another 25 seconds for its cooldown to finish.


The passive that Fuse was given is called Grenadier and it permits him to carry two grenades in each slot in his inventory. This means he can cause twice as much havoc with grenades, but the fun doesn’t end here. He has his very own grenade launcher that shoots these bad boys further than when they are thrown and with more speed.

One tip for this character is to pick up as many grenades as you can find in order to use his passive ability effectively. You could carry up to 32 grenades when you have a purple backpack, and it is sure to throw a team off guard as you continuously lob grenades in their direction.

The grenades in the game are as follows:

  • Arc Star
  • Thermite Grenade
  • Frag grenade

Best Squadmates To Pair Him With

There are some characters who work better with Fuse in this free-to-play shooter than others as their abilities complement one another. The character your squadmates choose will ultimately depend upon your overall strategy, but these cover all of the bases.

The best characters to pair with Fuse include:

  • Caustic
  • Gibraltar
  • Horizon
  • Bloodhound
  • Crypto


Caustic is a tanky character who works really well with Fuse as he can lay bombs down while Fuse uses his ultimate to push teams toward them. He can also prevent teams from using counters against Fuse’s attacks since his gas is pretty much unavoidable and forces teams to leave what they think is a safe zone.


Gibraltar can help add even more chaos to a fight by sending down his own Defensive Bombardment in addition to those sent out by Fuse. It can help expand the range of the battlefield as players can’t escape the mayhem going on around them that these two tanks have set off.


Horizon’s ultimate ability is a Black Hole that sucks players in and can hold a team in place for a set amount of time. Fuse can use this to his advantage by sending out any of his abilities to trap and damage the opponents stuck within this gravitational field.


Bloodhound is a tracker, and Fuse’s abilities work best when he knows where an enemy team is located. This character can lead Fuse to them and then he can deploy his Knuckle Cluster while Bloodhound uses his Beast of the Hunt to track them down.


Crypto is another character who can locate opponents, but he uses a drone to find them. He can work in tandem with Fuse as he uses his drone to EMP a team and then Fuse sends in The Motherlode or a bunch of grenades to finish them off.

How To Counter His Attacks

There are several characters who serve as counters to Fuse’s abilities, but Wattson and Gibraltar have the greatest advantages. She can use her Interception Pylon to catch any lobbed grenades, and Gibraltar can use his shield to protect from any of Fuse’s incoming attacks.

Wraith and Octane are also useful as they can help you run from his attacks by reaching a safe location. You can use Wraith to create a portal to transport your teammates or Octane can place a jump pad and exit an area before the explosions start.

Other Tips And Tricks

A few other tips and tricks are as follows:

  • Use Fuse to counter Lifeline and Rampart, as he can prevent teams from healing or destroy her walls.
  • He is great to mitigate camping inside of buildings as he can shoot grenades through windows and doors.
  • Focus on using mid-range to long-range guns as these are the ranges in which his abilities excel the most.

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