Apex Legends’ New Bangalore Skin Is Crashing Games

Bangalore's new Mil-Spec skin has been crashing players' games in Apex Legends, an unfortunate bug that has put many off from using it. "Error, there was a problem processing game logic," the message reads. "Please try again."

A developer responded to the post on Reddit highlighting this issue, "PS. We are working on it." In the meantime, it's probably best to avoid using Bangalore's new skin unless you fancy closing your game down every time you select it. It's one way to rage quit or ditch your teammates, that's for sure.

You can boot the game back up and reconnect, keeping the skin, but it's a bit of a tedious way to stay fashionable in the arena when you can't even see it. Well, except for when you're dropping. In the Reddit video embedded below, the skin boots them back to the main screen with an error, but others are reporting client crashes meaning that they have to restart the entire game.

"We've discovered a bug with the new Mil-Spec skin that crashes the game at the character select screen if you have it equipped and select Bangalore," developer Respawn added on Twitter. "If you load back into the game, you'll still connect and be able to play. We're working to fix this as soon as we can!"

The crash appears to be caused by Bangalore's animation when she gets picked on the character select scene. Legends will do little movements to indicate you've chosen them, but the Mil-Spec skin doesn't seem to work with the animation, crashing the game entirely.

All that happens is your game booting you out, though – you won't lose the skin, progress, or get punished. Just be sure to avoid it while Respawn tidies things up in-house. Aside from that, there's a brand new Bangalore trailer showing a bit more of her lore, but the reception has been fairly mixed, to say the least. If you wanna get her skin – in spite of the bug – it'll set you back 1,800 Apex Coins which is around $20. Good luck if you do.

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