Apex Legends’ New Character Details Leaked Online

Details about Pariah, the latest character coming to Apex Legends, have been leaked online by dataminer Biast12.

The dataminer managed to get their hands on screenshots of the upcoming character’s abilities and Ult. The Sacrificial Romantic Ult sees Pariah activate a device that releases steam in all directions. This steam causes burn damage directly to the health of opposing players. This could be particularly useful for area denial purposes.

Pariah’s passive, Aplomb Training gives them the ability to see enemy health bars and is also immune to stunning effects as well as the steam unleashed by her device. The tactical ability is a Sonar Grenade which reveals all enemies in its area of effect for a duration of fifteen seconds.

Respawn’s battle royale has been immensely popular since launch. Last week we reported that Apex Legends had amassed over 100 million players. The game showed its appreciation via a short video on Twitter that showcased some of the game’s popular streamers as well as the Legends themselves. The video also showed some slight alterations to the map, and also included a date at the end. That date is today, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement any time!

Apart from that, there are a whole bunch of changes coming to the game. An LMG called Dragon was earlier leaked by the same dataminer. The unique thing about this LMG is that it uses Light Ammo, suggesting that it may be a hybrid with the ammo capacity of an LMG and the handling of an assault rifle.

Additionally, launch character Lifeline may also see some changes to her abilities. As discussed by the game’s Live Balance Designer, John Larson, Lifeline could be nerfed by removing the shield that pops up while her drone revives downed teammates. However, this has been balanced out by increasing the tactical healing speed of her drone by 60 percent and ensuring that her Care Package Ult provides guaranteed upgrades as compared to what the team has looted beforehand.

The game is currently running it’s War Games limited timed event, which introduces a number of modifiers to each game. Each of these modifiers will add a unique twist to change up the traditional gameplay.

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