Apex Legends: The Biggest Changes To Kings Canyon In Season 8

Kings Canyon is the most iconic Apex Legends map by far. It was the first, the OG, and it was a classic. Kings Canyon showed the world that Respawn has the ability to make the same kind of complex and detailed maps they always have for the Titanfall games, but on a massive scale, with corridors which lead into one another, gradually and masterfully taking you through different biomes and environments without it ever taking you out of the experience.

Kings Canyon is art – which is why it’s so scary for regular Apex players when it gets an overhaul. The map has been trampled by leviathans, plunged into darkness, and had the entire fan-favourite Skulltown area absorbed into the ocean’s depths. Now, with Season 8, it has had a massive new area added, in addition to a few smaller changes.

In this guide we’re going to breakdown the biggest changes Kings Canyon has seen in Season 8, and why you should visit these areas. Strap in for some Mayhem Apex Legends fans, because this is the biggest update Kings Canyon has seen in the two years it has been available.

Slum Lakes Is Dead, Long Live Spotted Lake

I have always been fond of Slum Lakes, the filthy nook that hides away in the top left corner of the map. Maybe just because there’s a lot of loot and it generally tends to be a quiet area, one which is always at risk of having the ring close on it in the first round, but it is nice. Was, nice. Now it has been utterly transformed, and Spotted Lake takes its place.

Spotted Lake boasts futuristic buildings and loads more ziplines to help you travel across the environment. Combine that with much more variation between high and low ground, and you have a far more interesting area to traverse, explore, and fight on. A great change to an otherwise overlooked part of the map.

Fun fact: there are loot containers on the Spotted Lake that can be opened up with a spare grenade, a first for Apex Legends.

Crash Site

The Crash Site is essentially an entirely new area as this doesn’t take the place of a former area or populate an otherwise quiet part of the map, but instead this is a brand new area. The Northern part of the map has always been vacant aside from some mountains, but these have now been totally blown away, and replaced with the Crash Site that we saw in Fuse’s Season 8 trailer. His ship crashed down on Kings Canyon, and it has made for an interesting new area to wage war in.

The Crash Site is massive and makes for an excellent link between Artillery and Spotted Lake, and it just the size increase Kings Canyon has needed since losing Skulltown to the sea. On the subject of Skulltown…

Mirage Voyage Is Back

The Mirage Voyage disappeared from World’s Edge, but it might have found a new permanent home in Kings Canyon. I said it before, the loss of Skulltown was like the loss of a family member for many regular Apex Legends players, and the Mirage Voyage is exactly what those players needed. No, this isn’t quite the same, but it is home to loads of excellent loot, and makes for a nice link between the two pieces of land that remain after Skulltown was blown away. It also gives us yet another reason to visit Salvage, and head towards Market, so who can complain really?

Those are all of the biggest changes to the Kings Canyon map this season in Apex Legends, but we’re excited to find out what more this map is hiding in the near future. For more Apex Legends tips and guides, stay on TheGamer.

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