Apex Legend’s Unreleased L-Star Leaked in Loot Packs

A couple of Legendary skins for Apex Legends’ unreleased L-Star weapon have been leaked.

Shared on Twitter by user RealApexLeaks, two off-screen photographs show the Apex Hyperdrive and Alien Invasion skins for the L-Star. Both feature flashy red colour schemes, making them look like gun/race car hybrids.

The tweet claims that players were receiving L-Star skins before “the servers went down”, referring to a server shut down that had to be performed after Apex Legends suffered a progression issue caused by the 1.1 update. It also theorises that the player progression was reset to erase the skins players obtained, but there’s no official word from developer Respawn or publisher EA to support that idea.

The L-Star has long been rumoured to be on its way to Apex Legends, and this hasn’t been the first sighting of it. Renders of the weapon were discovered by fans last month.

The L-Star itself is a weapon that, like many of Apex Legends’ guns, hails from Titanfall 2. In that game, it’s an incredibly powerful rapid-fire energy gun that causes people to explode into red mist. Thanks to things like armour we’d expect it to operate a little differently in Apex Legends, but it should still be something special.

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