Apex Legends update: New Xbox One and PS4 patch, level reset reports

UPDATE: Respawn has now provided an update on the current Apex Legends level reset bug hitting Xbox One, PS4 and PC players.

“We are aware and looking into the issue with accounts losing their progress after the update today. Will provide update ASAP.”

Patch notes have also been shared, revealing that today’s Apex update was being used to add bug fixes and quality of life changes.

ORIGINAL: Fans are reporting that a new Apex Legends update has gone live today on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

And it appears that from early reports that the new patch has also caused a level reset for some players and accounts.

One affected user reports: “Went to level 0, lost everything right after the update. Have to do training first, and lost all characters.”

Another adds: “Same on PC. I’ve spent probably about $100 on the game since release; if they can’t restore accounts, I doubt I’ll be back.”

“Same for me and my friend all currency gone except I got 7500 premium currency but all skins gone.”

No patch notes have been released for the new Apex Legends update, but a report is expected from Respawn Entertainment soon.

It will also be vitally important to try and work out what has happened to cause this level reset and how best to fix so that affected players can have all their loot returned.

So far nothing has been shared on the official EA Help support page regarding the level reset bug or how to fix it.

An announcement regarding a new update going live today was not made by Respawn beforehand, meaning it’s hard to tell what it was deployed for.

More information is expected to be shared through official sources, although we can also expect more fan feedback in the coming hours as well.

Here’s what the official Apex Legends site says on Troubleshooting issues:

“Check the Apex Legends Twitter page, Answers HQ, or EA Help Twitter page to see if other players are having the same issues. If your issues are connection-based, check out our Connection Troubleshooting article.

“If none of this help, please contact EA for any PC/game related issues, contact Microsoft for any Xbox related issues, or contact Sony for any PlayStation® related issues.”

The report from EA also adds: “For purchases using real-world currency, PC players can check their Origin order history to ensure payment was processed. Similarly, console players can check their Xbox or PlayStation® order history. If you’re still having trouble, please contact EA, Microsoft, or Sony as needed.

“Apex Legends is very much a living game, and we value player feedback. If something doesn’t look or feel right, please let us know by starting a thread on Answers HQ.”

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