ARK Survival Evolved: 10 Most Important Character Stats To Upgrade, Ranked

ARK: Survival Evolved involves leveling up your character by adding skill points to different stats, or attributes. They cover all areas of your physical well-being and they can be earned by simply participating in the world around you. This could mean taming creatures, crafting items, or harvesting materials to upgrade your base and weapons.

However, there are so many attributes to choose from, so you have to choose how to spend your points wisely. This can change depending upon your role in a tribe, but if playing solo then this is what you want to attain when jumping into a server.

10 Crafting Skill

The Crafting Skill enables you to craft items more quickly, as well as improve their stats, but it’s just not really worth it compared to the other attributes you can choose from. There are very few items you can craft at the beginning of the game, and they don’t take very long to make either.

It might be worth it if you are part of a tribe and they anoint you the ultimate crafter, but otherwise, this is one skill you want to avoid upgrading.

9 Oxygen

The Oxygen tells you how long you can hold your breath underwater as well as how well you move in it, but this isn’t something you really need until later in the game. Once you reach a point where you need to loot the deep sea crates, you can use a boat of some kind to traverse the waters.

There are also creatures you can tame to give you this advantage and it negates the need for this attribute to be prioritized.

8 Water

Your survivor is human and has basic physical needs, such as a requirement for water in order to survive. It is a pain when you find yourself dying of thirst, but this can be easily avoided by carrying a waterskin whose Engram can be acquired fairly early on in the game.

You might choose to add a skill point here or there, but it is usually unnecessary if you have this item on your survivor before heading inland.

7 Food

You are constantly in need of food, which is why it is a good idea to upgrade this stat a little bit. It shouldn’t be your primary focus, but if you find yourself constantly in a state of hunger, then you might want to take a few skill points to bump up its numbers.

Keep in mind that you can store cooked food on your person, or take a boat and equip it with a preserving bin to make sure your food is always fresh. It isn’t hard to craft a campfire when you are traveling either, and berries are always plentiful in bushes to hold you over until you can find something more nutritious.

6 Fortitude

There are several biomes across the maps, which is why you have to choose where you build your base carefully. The environment could make you too hot or too cold, and it is something to keep in mind when wandering across the map.

If you often find yourself without the right armor to keep you warm or cool, it is a good idea to look into raising your fortitude. This will allow you to better handle the elements and extend the length of time it takes to die from hypothermia or hyperthermia.

5 Melee Damage

There is no doubt you will fight in ARK: Survival Evolved, whether it be against another player or a creature. When you progress through the game it is a good idea to routinely upgrade your Melee Damage stats so you can take down tougher opponents with ease.

It will allow you to deal extra damage and collect extra resources when harvesting, which is something everyone should know before playing, but it’s not as necessary as some other attributes.

4 Movement Speed

You will travel a lot in this game, and much of it will be done on foot until you can tame a mount. This is why it is so important to put some of your focus into increasing your movement speed as it will allow you to cover distances more quickly and use less stamina in the process.

It is also a useful skill to have in PVP servers as it gives you the ability to dodge the attacks of other players. You will need to be light on your feet to survive, and this is what this stat will enable you to do.

3 Stamina

Stamina is a measure of how much energy your character has at a given time, and it can be decreased by things like running, harvesting, and swimming. When your stamina is low, your food and water levels will quickly drop, which is why it is so important to upgrade this stat early on in order to survive the first few days.

The more stamina you have, the less foraging you will have to do and it makes you rely less on upgrading your Movement Speed attribute.

2 Health

Health is the measure of how much life you have left before you die, and for obvious reasons, it should be one of your top priorities. You need health to stay alive, and increasing this stat makes it easier to take on bigger monsters and withstand more brutal climates.

It also prevents you from becoming injured and having to deal with a broken bone until you can find some sustenance to regenerate it. Beginners often neglect this stat, although they soon learn just how important it can be.

1 Weight

Harvesting is a huge part of ARK: Survival Evolved as resources are what you use to craft tools and weapons, make a base, and create a few sets of armor. However, it is fairly easy to become encumbered to the point where your survivor can’t move, especially when you need hundreds of stones to craft an Engram.

It is a general consensus that this is the stat that always needs the most help due to your crafting projects steadily growing bigger as the game progresses.

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