ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: Wildcard PS4 and Xbox One patch notes revealed

The new ARK Survival Evolved update is set to go live on Wednesday, April 24, on all platforms.

It means fans on PS4, Xbox One and PC will all need to download a new patch at around 6pm, BST.

This is when Studio Wildcard has said they will be releasing it, although times can be pretty fluid.

The dev team has also announced the most significant changes included in tomorrow’s patch will be connected to Classic PvP servers.

For those that might have missed its launch earlier this year on PC, Classic PvP looks to set up a more competitive gameplay experience.

Tribes are limited to 25 players and things like experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising rates are doubled compared to standard Official Servers.

No TEK engrams are allowed, Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances can exist and scaling of weapon damage has been reduced.

This week’s ARK update will start merging all of the separated server clusters into one large cluster, although the current Official PvP Network will remain unaffected.

Currently, there are four servers on each cluster, for a total of >25 Classic clusters, with each cluster consisting of The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, and The Center.

Studio Wildcard has also confirmed that tweaks to existing gameplay and the addition of removed content are still things that are under consideration.

It doesn’t appear that any new content is being added to the game with the new ARK update, however, that doesn’t mean stuff isn’t being considered.

In a recent post, an ARK community manager commented on future plans, highlighting how Studio Wildcard are going about their process.

“We have to be careful with giving dates and talking about future plans/showing content,” lead community manager Cedric Burkes told fans on Twitter.

“Lots of people and media take those as commitments of future work. We like to announce new content when all of the moving parts slow down.

“Some ideas get shot down, some content gets cut – it’s the reality of game development.

“Communicating every idea or project that’s being worked on wouldn’t really be a healthy situation for the business or the players.”

Here’s what we know so far about tomorrow’s ARK update, based on the patch notes released today:

Eggcellent Adventure – Added missing Dino Marshmallow Hat skin to the Cooking Pot

Plant X – Disabled Fast Turret Targeting change, for now, further iteration required

Dinos – Fixed movement bugs related to stacked impulses change which affected movement for Managarmr, Gasbags, and others

Turrets – Now ignore players using ‘leavemealone’ or ‘enemyinvisible’ admin cheats

Mantis – Fix for weapons not equipping properly

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