Artist Imagines What A Modern Dino Crisis Could Look Like

The next generation of gaming is weeks away, and that means it’s time for wild speculation. The pandemic is keeping a lot of heavy hitters from releasing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, meaning 2021 is going to need some big announcements to keep the hype train rolling. A new Dino Crisis would be one such jaw-dropper, but Capcom doesn’t seem interested. That’s where one fan comes in.

That fan is Alexander Forssberg, a man who also happens to be a skilled illustrator. He’s got several TV and gaming concepts under his belt, and decided to try his hand at a Dino Crisis remake. Note that he calls it an “imaginary Dino Crisis remake,” so this is not a confirmation of a new game.

There hasn’t been a new Dino Crisis game since 2003, and that one wasn’t received well. Fans have spent the many years since asking for some kind of follow-up or reboot. There was some hope at the beginning of the year when a supposed leak hinted at Capcom reviving an old horror property. This combined with the fact that Capcom registered a Dino Crisis trademark last year put hopes at an all-time high.

Unfortunately Dino Crisis dreams seem to be dashed, as Capcom hasn’t announced anything. At least we still have this amazing art.

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