Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: How To Become The Hero Of The Arena

One of the locations you will discover in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is known as the Arena, where you will face off against several different champions. They grow progressively harder and each one has their own special set of skills. However, there are some amazing rewards for those who manage to beat them all.

It is hidden in the farthest corner of the map, so it can take some time before you discover its location. If you are up for a challenge then the Arena in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the place you need to find.

Where Is The Arena?

If you want to find the Arena you need to head to the northeastern side of an island called Pephka. It is recommended you don’t come here until you are at least a Level 20 and you will need to locate a man named Maion who will point the way during the They Just Want Cruelty quest. However, many players choose to complete these fights after they beat the game.

He will ask you to take his boat along the coast to the Arena, which is where the fun begins. The shipwrecks will guide your way to a man named Skoura, who is the one you will need to talk to in order to begin your first fight.

Defeat The Champions

You will face a series of opponents in the Arena, and each one will be more difficult than the last. However, the reward for defeating them all is worth the time and effort you put into the fights. The Arena is filled with obstacles so be wary of these before you enter it for the first time.

The Champions you will need to defeat are as follows:

  • Klaudios, King of Bandits
  • Belos, The Beast Of Sparta
  • Evanthe, The Huntress
  • Titos, Rock of Athens
  • Vasilis, King of the Arena

You can also face mercenaries as well, but these do not have any bearing on your final reward.

Klaudios, King Of Bandits

  • Level 22

When you enter this boss fight, you will also be facing hordes of Bandits as well as Klaudios. You will begin by taking out four waves that grow progressively harder, with the addition of poison and brute opponents. Once Klaudios enters the ring he will have a few tricks up his sleeves.

He uses a set of daggers as his primary weapon, but he can make them poisonous as well. Klaudios also loves to use smoke bombs, which can hurt if you happen to be within range. They also leave you open to a sneak attack as he uses the cover to land his hits when you least expect it.

He also has a sliding attack that can be easily dodged, but this is one opponent you should have no trouble defeating.

Belos, The Beast Of Sparta

  • Level 29

Belos, The Beast of Sparta, is a bit more difficult, but the fight is still fairly manageable. You will again face four waves of enemies, and this time they will be a mixture of elites, spears, shields, and brutes.

Once Belos appears the first thing you will notice is that he fights with a light shield and heavy blade. You will want to use Shield Breaker, one of the best abilities in the game, in order to deal damage to this opponent.

He also has several damaging attacks, but you will know to dodge when his body turns red. It is best if you deal fire or poison damage to make the most of your hits, and be wary of the reach of his weapon. Your dodge will be your best friend as you avoid the large swing radius of his blade.

Evanthe, The Huntress

  • Level 36

Evanthe, The Huntress, adores her creatures, which is why they are the primary focus in the four waves that precede her. You will fight wolves, lynx, and bears, but the warriors are just as deadly. The fire brutes will throw flammable bombs at you that will light you on fire if you are within range, and the daughter of Artemis is quick on her feet.

After these waves have been defeated you will notice that a lion fights by Evanthe’s side. You will want to take it out first so you only have to focus on fighting one opponent instead of two.

Once the beast is out of the picture you can turn your attention back to The Huntress, and be ready for her fiery arrows. You always want to be on the move to avoid them, however, if you go in with your melee weapon be prepared for her spear which is also encased in flames. Make use of your abilities and remember the reach of her spear, which can oftentimes make dodging fairly difficult.

Titos, Rock Of Athens

  • Level 43

Athenian soldiers are your opponents in this battle, but it is not as easy as it sounds. The waves will include soldiers of varying difficulties, such as archers and brutes, who are carrying a wide selection of weapons including spears and shields. Beware of the pits of fire and spinning wooden posts that have also been set aflame when traversing the Arena.

Luckily, your previous experience with Athenian soldiers during the main gameplay should have given you an understanding of their fighting style. It might make the fight against Titos a little easier as he fights with a shield and sword.

You should utilize your bow and Shield Breaker to deal significant damage to this opponent. He will also use a bow and throw firebombs at you, but it leaves him open to your attacks. Just watch out for when his body turns red as this means you should be ready to dodge out of the way before he lands his hits.

Vasilis, King Of The Arena

  • Level 50

Vasilis is also known as The King of the Arena, and this is the toughest fight of them all. He will send out waves of Spartan soldiers who you must defeat and it is a mixture of brutes and archers, as well as soldiers wielding spears and shields. However, the arena has changed once again and there is a pit you need to avoid.

Unlike the other opponents you have faced in the Arena, this is one who you want to stay close to, rather than keep your distance. He can effectively use a bow to deal a ton of damage, so you should use Shield Breaker to rid him of his shield and make it an even fight.

He is quite agile and can perform spinning aerial attacks which is where a light weapon comes in handy. Utilizing fire or poison is also a great choice to passively deal damage even when you are gathering your bearings during the fight.

Defeat Skoura To Become The Hero Of The Arena

  • Level 50

Once you have defeated all of the other champions, then you will face off against Skoura. He will use a spear and is quite agile on his feet despite his supposed age.

Be wary of the reach of this weapon and utilize poison or fire to help aid you in this fight. There are no obstacles in the Arena this time, so some might find the fight to be easier than that of the champions they previously defeated.

The choices you make in terms of dialogue don’t change the outcome of the events to come, all they do is adjust the dialogue that you will hear. Once he is dead then you will become the new Hero of the Arena in his place.

What Is Your Reward?

When you defeat each of the opponents in the Arena, you will be rewarded with a piece of the Arena fighter’s armor and some Drachmae, one of the best armor sets in the game. Once you have beat them all you will also receive a cultist clue to help you locate Kodros, and the fight with Skoura will reward you with his spear.

The pieces of the Arena Fighter’s Armor Set are as follows:

  • Arena Fighter’s Armor
  • Arena Fighter’s Gauntlets
  • Pit Fighter’s Boots
  • Arena Fighter’s Waistband
  • Arena Fighter’s Helmet

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