Assassin’s Creed Origins: How To Get The Anubis Outfit

One question often asked by players in Assassin’s Creed Origins is how to get the legendary Anubis Outfit. It is no easy task as it requires you to level up Bayek and be prepared for the fight of your life. This challenge is so difficult that players often wait to beat the game before attempting it.

You want Bayek to look the best he can, as well as earn yourself some cool new weapons, which is why it is a great idea to pursue these sets. It might take a few tries, especially since a few gods are involved, but the end result is well worth the work it takes to unlock the Anubis Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins!

Updated April 13, 2021 By Rebecca O’Neill: Ubisoft has recently released a new game called Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but many will argue that it has nothing on Assassin’s Creed Origins. Yes, Vikings are cool but the outfits in the previous game are so much more detailed. Players crave to find these simply for aesthetics and it is part of what made this game so great in the first place.

Bayek deserves nothing short of the best which is where you come in to help him find the legendary Anubis Outfit. There is so much to do and see in Assassin’s Creed Origins which is why players keep coming back to play it again and again.

Complete The Trial Of The Gods

The Trial of the Gods is a weekly challenge and side quest by Ubisoft that allows players to face three different Egyptian gods. There are two gods available to battle each week and they will drop rewards that will bring you one step closer to achieving the coveted Anubis armor sets. You can fight both a normal god who is Level 55 and below and a hard god who is Level 56 to Level 58.

The sets include a sword, shield, staff, warrior bow, and outfit, which a god will drop each time they are defeated. However, the available gods will only drop one reward each, so it can take some time to collect all of the pieces.

Trial Of Anubis

Arrows are your friend in this fight against Anubis, as well as the other gods, so one tip recommended to players is to upgrade your quiver. He can be found in the Great Sand Sea, but he will also be marked on your map as well in blue if you are having trouble locating him.

The goal in this battle is to hit the glowing center of his chest, but make sure to stay on the move to avoid his many attacks. When his chest stops glowing there will be soldiers that appear who you must kill, and doing so will also damage Anubis’s health.

Anubis’s attacks are as follows:

  • Shadow Hyenas: These will be sent out in straight lines, but they can change direction especially as Anubis’s health begins to deplete. They can be dodged, but wait until they grow closer in case they do alter their course at the last second.
  • Sand Storm: He will summon a sand storm and all you have to do is move out of it to stop it from dealing damage to you.
  • Anubis Soldiers: Anubis will trap you in a breakable bone arena with his soldiers, who you are tasked with killing. Make sure to loot after taking them down in order to replenish your arrow supply.
  • Real Hyenas: These act just like the real hyenas in the game and feature the same attacks, so take them down as you normally would.

Trial Of Sekhmet

Sekhmet looks like a mythical cat and this trial can be found in the Desheret Desert, located in the south of Egypt. Warrior bows and light bows should be equipped and ready before starting this battle, and here are some of the best weapons you can use in the game.

A few of Sekhmet’s attacks include:

  • Light Beams: Sekhmet’s headdress will shine a powerful beam of light and you will just have to run from it while shooting arrows at her chest.
  • Rings Of Fire: These are marked by red circles on the ground and all you have to do is make sure you are out of them before they are lit.
  • Soldiers: They are just your classic soldiers and there will be five in all each time they appear. Take them down to deal damage to Sekhmet and clear a path to shoot her glowing chest.
  • Fireballs: This attack will be marked by straight red lines on the ground. They are easy to dodge as you can time it by the way she moves her hands.

Trial Of Sobek

Sobek can be found in the Herakleion Nome region, and once again you will be making use of your arrows to shoot his chest. However, this time when he sends out his soldiers they can be a bit more powerful than those of Anubis.

Sobek’s attacks are as follows:

  • Sobek Soldiers: The soldiers will be summoned by Sobek, but he also includes a lieutenant to make things more interesting. You can make use of your chain assassination and it is helpful to take out the soldiers first before facing off with the lieutenant.
  • Mud Pools: Large red circles will appear and cover most of the ground, and you will have a few seconds to avoid standing on these. They will shoot mud up out of the ground which can cause damage to you.
  • Arrow Barrage: Sobek will fire arrows at you which will be noted when a large area of the ground is highlighted in red. You can either do your best to leave this area or hold up a shield to deflect them.
  • Mud Throw: This comes as a wave and Sobel will highlight the ground before sending this toward you. It will appear as a long strip, and again, just stay out of the red and you will avoid taking damage.

There Are 3 Different Armor Sets

The one thing that most people fail to realize is that there are actually three armor sets to collect, and they are some of the best in the game. They are called the Dark Side of the Moon, Radiance of Anubis, and Revenge of Anubis.

Most players say it takes an average of four to five weeks as each event will restart after seven days.

Dark Side Of The Moon

This is the first set most players attain as it requires you to defeat the various supernatural gods on a normal difficulty level. They will drop a different item after each defeat, and the ultimate reward is the Dark Side of the Moon outfit.

It is given to you once you complete the set, so it could take some time before you reach this point.

Pieces In The Set

  • Sword: Conductor of Souls
  • Shield: Tomb Protector
  • Staff: Was Scepter
  • Warrior Bow: Scales of Truth
  • Completion Reward: Dark Side of the Moon Outfit

Radiance Of Anubis

Ubisoft has created UPlay community events for this game and this is how players receive the pieces they need to earn the armor. It usually entails setting a goal for the entire community to kill so many gods on any difficulty before the event ends.

They have adjusted the numbers as the game has grown in age to ensure that the community always has the ability to meet the goal.

Pieces In The Set

  • Sword: Sunslayer
  • Shield: Shield of Aaru
  • Staff: The Jackal
  • Warrior Bow: Assessor of Ma’at
  • Completion Reward: Radiance of Anubis Outfit

Revenge Of Anubis

The Revenge of Anubis set can be acquired by defeating those gods that are a hard difficulty, and it is one thing that fans often miss. Only truly talented players will be able to take them on in order to earn this coveted set that few players can say they own.

Pieces In The Set

  • Sword: Sword of the Duat
  • Shield: Ammit
  • Staff: The Sekhem
  • Warrior Bow: Jackal’s Gaze
  • Completion Reward: Revenge of Anubis Outfit

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