Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok screenshots leak

In terms of gameplay there will still be role-playing elements and the use of an eagle (wouldn’t a raven be more appropriate?), but co-op will also be returning to the series and can be used in most side quests and world exploration.

The leak also claims that question marks will be removed from the map in order to encourage exploration, like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

There’s also talk of including DLC set in Iceland and visiting the nine realms of Viking mythology. That’s an awful lot of specific detail, but that in itself is usually a sign that it’s a fake.

But the claims do come alongside a number of screenshots that seem to be from an ultra early pre-alpha build.

Technically that makes them easier to fake but why anyone would go to such a strange and purposeless effort is hard to fathom.

Since that could describe most fake leaks though, it’s probably best to take all this with a grain of salt.

That being said, the chances of the next game featuring Vikings, whether or not these rumours are true, still remains high.

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