Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find All Of The Wardens Of Law

The Wardens of Law are one of the branches of the Order of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. They are scattered across England as they work to bring their goal to fruition, but not if Eivor has anything to say about it. There are clues you have to uncover to discover their location, or you can try to seek them out beforehand.

There are seven members in all, and luckily, a few of them are a part of the main storyline. You will have to find all of the Wardens of Law if you want to learn who the Grand Maegester is in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

Eanbhert (The Vellum)

  • Location: Glowecestre, Glowecestrescire

The first Warden of Law you will meet is named The Vellum, but his real name is Eanbhart. You can learn of his identity by killing Hunta, Son of Hunta and he can be found at Thieve’s Warren, just north of Glowecestre where this Order member is hiding.

Once you know his identity, you can mark him on the map, but he will be hiding inside of a home with a locked door. You can enter the building by climbing through the opening by the roof at one end of the home, and it is easy to assassinate him.

Tata, Defender Of Otta’s Wyrd (The Dart)

  • Location: Quatford, Sciropescire

The first clue used to find Tata, Defender of Otta’s Wyrd can be found by killing the previous Order member called The Vellum. The second clue is east of Dhustone Quarry and is found within the locked tower. You can enter it by running along its outer edge and jumping through a window.

The Dart himself can be found in Quatford at the Stables using a pitchfork to move around the hay. He doesn’t even realize what is about to happen so you can assassinate him with ease for a simple kill.

Gunilla (The Adze)

  • Location: Repton, Ledecestrescire

You can kill The Dart, or you can go after one of the harder Zealots named Cola to obtain the first clue to The Adze’s whereabouts. This will send you to Ledecestre where you are instructed to beat the drinking champion who will give you a clue to find a note in a house in a village called Cweornric.

Once you find the final clue you can head to the docks in Repton and find Gunilla, and she will probably be sitting there unaware of your presence. It is best to assassinate her to take her out quickly and quietly.

Abbess Ingebord (The Firebrand)

  • Location: Jorvik

The Jorvik storyline will bring you right to this Order member and it all starts when you talk to Hytham at the start of a quest called In a Strange Land. It will lead you to another quest called Burning the Firebrand, where you will see her true evil nature as she burns a man alive.

This is one Order member you won’t be able to assassinate, and you will enter into a fight with her and two minions. If you go for The Firebrand first beware of the crossbows that her assistants shoot in combat to prevent your health from rapidly depleting.

Grigorri (The Needle)

  • Location: Jorvik

The Needle is another Order member whose identity will be revealed through the Jorvik storyline. It all starts when you talk to Hytham during the quest called In a Strange Land, but you don’t find him until the quest called Pricking the Needle.

You will find him near the Trade Depot and surrounded by a ton of guards. The best way to kill him is to use your bow on the rooftops to drop him, then jump down and finish the kill.

Audun (The Vault)

  • Location: Jorvik

Audun is The Vault, and you will be tasked with accusing him during the Jorvik story arc when you reach the Closing the Vault Quest. You have several choices, but they don’t really matter as in the end, he will reveal himself to be The Vault anyway.

He will then make a long speech and poison all of the guests with the wine, after which point you can then kill him. Many choose to use a predator bow to hit him from across the room, as well as the guard who is defending him, but you can rush him as well if you like.

Reeve Derby (The Vice)

  • Location: Picheringa, Eurvicscire

Once you have killed all of the other Order members in this branch, then the identity of The Vice will be revealed. He is an easier target to kill, especially if you find him standing outside of the building when no one else is around.

One tip is that you can jump down from the hills and onto the roof of the building to gain a vantage point directly above him. It is an easy assassination and one that will allow you to remain unnoticed as you find yourself one step closer to killing all of the members of the Order of the Ancients.

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