Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

There is a place where spirituality and astrology meet in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Eivor is a firm believer in the divine and players are given the chance to level up their skills projected in the form of various constellations in the menus. Even if you’re only dabbling in the zodiac and the celestial sphere, you’ll be sure to connect with some aspect of these sciences and philosophies.

The characters in the game are fictitious, but they have clear inspirations from the zodiac in their personalities, actions, and even sometimes in their fates. Regardless of how much stock you put into these beliefs, it’s fun to try and see how well your sign matches and clashes with people, even fictional people, according to their signs.

12 Aries – March 21 Through April 19th – Styrbjorn

Imagine dedicating your life to conquest. You can use a heavy build, with all of its flaws and perks, and establish a respectable kingdom. Then you’re asked to give it all away to another king and, for the sake of peace, you swallow your pride and make it happen.

Styrbjorn is adaptive and also self-willed, two traits of an Aries that are perceived as undercutting his admirable bravery.

11 Taurus – April 20th Through May 20th – Soma

You’ll probably need some tips on how to beat Suttungr the Giant, but if Eivor had Soma there to help, the battle would have been a cakewalk.

Soma is likely the hardest-working individual you’ll run into as she’s one of the few to make her own civilizations amidst the foreign homeworld. This requires a stubbornness only a Taurus can exhibit.

10 Gemini – May 21st Through June 20th – Rollo

When talking about the animal companion in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (and other games), you might be inclined to think the conversation is about the primal and charming Rollo.

Rollo’s life and the lives of others depend on gossip in the town and his own wittiness, traits that correspond well to a Gemini.

9 Cancer – June 21st Through July 22nd – Eivor

Of all the quotes from the main characters in the game, it’s Eivor’s that stands out as the most poetic and passionate. You’ll get to know Eivor well as the player-controlled protagonist.

For all the brutality inflicted in England, like a true Cancer, Eivor has a kindness to the downtrodden and a sensitivity for those few who are in the inner circle.

8 Leo – July 23rd Through August 22nd – Ivarr

Of all of the Danish axes in the game, there is a good chance that Ivarr has thrown everyone one of them at some point in his life. He fills many roles in the story, from comic relief to sadist.

He’s enthusiastic about everyone, either loving them or hating them. And his arrogance eventually leads to his downfall as he does the unthinkable to get his name into the history books like a typical Leo.

7 Virgo – August 23rd Through September 22nd – Ceolbert

If you’re looking for humor, there are other NPCs for that. Ceolbert is young, but he’s not impressionable or whimsical. He’s got a strong sense of valor and makes himself at home through peaceful negotiation.

He’s a perfectionist but still maintains his humility. If this modesty does not make Ceolbert a perfect Virgo in your mind, then nothing will convince you otherwise.

6 Libra – September 23rd Through October 22nd – Sigurd

Many important events take place before Eivor travels to Vinland, but none more vital than the relationship fostered with Sigurd. We’re lucky to get a clear view of who Sigurd is before madness grips him.

He’s idealistic and charming, but his Libra carelessness catches up with him when he puts all of his stock into the opinions of those who don’t have his best intentions.

5 Scorpio – October 23rd Through November 21st – Hytham

Hytham is a man who dedicates himself truly to the cause of the Assassins and he’s the only one in Eivor’s England to actually do so. He’s solitary but committed.

His mysterious life is spent obsessively researching the history of his own creed and the Order of the Ancients. It’s a task best suited to a Scorpio with these personality traits.

4 Sagittarius – November 22nd Through December 21st – Ubba

There may be no better example of a zodiac sign on this list than the way Ubba embodies what it means to be a Sagittarius. He defends his family implicitly but allows his rational side to rule in the end.

His bravery is legendary, but it’s his compulsion to be rash that makes players divided on how much they appreciate his presence.

3 Capricorn – December 22nd Through January 19th – Basim

The biggest weakness of a Capricorn is their tendency to be suspicious. Basim doesn’t allow anyone to usurp Sigurd’s trust in him and eyes anyone else who might speak to Sigurd in a friendly way.

His intelligence and persistence are both admirable, even if gamers end up wishing he used them for better ends.

2 Aquarius – January 20th Through February 18th – Gunnar

Is there anyone as sociable as Gunnar? He’s able to fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak a language that the Danes or the Saxons (or the Animus!) appear to understand. He’s calm and practical through it all, but he’s very much unique and eccentric.

He’s got that usual hastiness of an Aquarius, but you can’t help but love his faults as much as his strengths.

1 Pisces – February 19th Through March 20th – Randvi

Randvi does what is best for her clan and people, taking on any role that she is needed in as a Pisces is often tasked with doing.

She’s indecisive about what she wants in life and who she wants to be, but her awareness of others and their needs, while occasionally unrealistic, is true to her character and her sign.

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