Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Deal With The Hag

The hag is one of the hardest bosses in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 early access. She’s level 4, the max level you can get within the EA and she’s a tough nut to crack. There is a great abyss between her and you, a mountain of health as a difference, a timer on a woman’s life, and multiple clones. This won’t be an easy feat.

You can choose to simply shove the old crone down to the depths below or pick off bits of her health one by one. Either way, there are some solid tips worth remembering when you decide it’s your time to take on the wicked witch.

10 Perception Traps

All the way towards the beautiful or decaying hut of a house, there will be traps all around the bog. If you’re bad at perception checks this might be an issue. It’s best to walk forward, slowly, using your highest Perception character. Also remember not to eat anything from the bog. There’s many tricks to fall for before you even meet the hag and it’s better to not already be injured upon meeting her.

9 Don’t Be Shy, Drink From The Well

While there is danger at every corner of the swamp, there are some things you can trust. Don’t eat the apples, don’t run through the water as Astarion, but freely drink from the well if you please! Whether you’re in the sunny version of the swamp or the dead version, drinking from the well grants a permanent health boost until the next rest. If you walk into the hag’s hut planning to fight, it’s better to take advantage of this boost before hand.

8 Don’t Let Her Touch Your Eye

If you go along with what the hag says and believe her words she will take out an eyeball of yours, kiss it, and give it back to you. You could be thinking, one kiss on the eye means I’m cured of the worm in my brain? Easy! Well, we’re talking about an evil hag here. No matter how nice you are to her, there’s always a catch. If you allow her to do this you will be permanently “Blinded” for the entirety of the game. This gives a permanent decrease in Perception checks and critical hits. There’s no sleeping this one away.

7 Play Nice

It’s always better to coax your enemies a little bit before going in for the kill. Make her think you mean no harm. Playing nice with her before the big battle offers a safer route and less immediate problems.

With the idea that you’re a nice gal or guy, the potential to turn or not to will always be available until the very end if you’re someone who is usually unsure about what choices to make. Pretending is the best way to go until you make up your mind.

6 Use The Mask Sparingly

There are special Auntie Ethel masks in the hag’s little prison chamber. Wearing it automatically makes you a slave to her voice. Her voice beckons you in your mind and you’ll end up doing her bidding. This is not the best option. There is a use for it, though. There is a magical talking door in the cave that will not open for you. If you put the mask on the door becomes warped and you can walk through as if nothing is there. You don’t need to put it on every party member, only the one you’re controlling and it’s best to immediately take it off as soon as you step past the door. If other party members are behind the door when you walk forward they will still follow you even though the door is technically solid again.

5 AOE For Masked Dummies

The Masked Servants of Auntie Ethel can feel like a big challenge because of their many tricks. They are dangerously ranged with an ability that allows them to one hit you if you melee them. So don’t melee them. Using potions and spells with an area of effect are useful since they do continuous damage even after your turn is done and can effect more than one person. If you block areas off with fog cloud spells and force them together, AOE spells will be your best friend.

4 Use Jump

Behind the masked servants and on your way to the hag there will be a huge and deadly obstacle course. It’s full of deathly fumes at every turn, making it seem impossible to even get down to where ever it is you need to be. You can use Jump behind the waterfall to get to this area.

With Perception, you can find the source of the fumes and stop it, or you can just make everyone individually jump back and forth down the tree to completely avoid everything.

3 Use Summons

It’s always better to have a higher number of people on your side than on the opposing. With the hag creating clones, using summons increases the time of the fight and figuring out which one is the real Auntie Ethel. They can be used as a distraction, to find the real version of her quickly, or to run to the lever and help Mayrina while you and your team focus the hag.

2 Grease Is Your Friend

Even a level one Grease spell is no match for the wicked creature that is Auntie Ethel. She’s not immune to tripping and getting knocked down for a few turns due to Grease which is why it can be your best friend. It will slow down any damage coming your way and give you time to think. Once she’s been downed by it you can also use Alchemist’s Fire to double the affect. Rinse and repeat where able.

1 When All Else Fails, Use Shove

When all else fails, there’s no shame in using the Shove mechanic. Many early access players have both raved and complained about how oppressive using shove is for both sides. You can abuse the action to insta-kill enemies just like they can to you. With such a large road to nothingness in the middle of the main fighting room, it’s not difficult to quickly get someone behind the hag and press Shove. Down she goes. The only issue with this is that some people don’t receive her loot since her body is in the deep unknown. If the fight is too stressful and oppressive for you, shove the hag down the hole!

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