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The Barbarian is Dark And Darker's heaviest hitting class. With the capability of killing enemies with as little as two blows to the head with the axe, this class excels in both solo and team play. You're slow, but strong.

This guide covers the best builds for the Barbarian, starting out from level 0, and then a full perk and ability loadout for a higher level character. We will also cover some of the best gear available for the Barbarian and some general gameplay tips.

This guide was written based on info from the December 2022 playtest 3 for the game. We will update this guide with new info once the game gets more playtests and for the final release of the game.

Barbarian Class Overview

The Barbarian is a master of axes and two-handed weapons. You get a significant damage buff while using big, heavy weapons, and although you attack slowly, just one or two well-timed hits to an opponent's head will deal enough damage to destroy their health bar.

  • Pros
    • Very strong, hits the hardest of any class in the game
    • Good for solos and for team play
    • Can smash doors and chests
    • More HP than other classes
  • Cons
    • Very slow, both in movement speed and attack speed
    • Can get outplayed by faster classes, or it can be hard to catch players running from you
    • Here's a look at the Barbarian's perks and abilities.

      Barbarian Perks And Abilities


      Axe Specialization

      +10 base damage to all axes


      Lower HP means you do extra damage, with a boost up to 18% attack


      Once you kill an enemy, you get a 10 damage boost for four seconds

      Iron Will

      Improves magic resistance up to 100

      Morale Boost

      Get an extra 10% HP after you kill an enemy


      10% extra armor if you aren't wearing chest armor


      Can destroy objects, doors, chests, etc


      10% extra HP

      Two Handed Expert

      5% extra damage with Two-Handed weapons



      Increase movement speed and strength for a short period, reduces your defense by 20%

      Reckless Attack

      The next attack you trigger after this ability ignores 75% of enemy armor

      Savage Roar

      Causes a fear effect and reduces enemy physical defense for 25% for a short period

      War Cry

      Increases you and your ally's health by 25% for a short duration

      At level 0, you can only take one perk. Level 5, 10, and 15 will unlock a new perk slot.

      Starter Barbarian Perks And Abilities

      We recommend you pick up the Morale Boost perk as your level 0 perk to increase your health regen on both solo and group runs.

      As for abilities, Savage Roar and Rage seem to be the meta picks right now. Savage Roar has a fear effect that will send enemy monsters scattering, but will also reduce armor of enemies in PvP. Rage is a great boost for movement speed, because speed is king in Dark And Darker.

      Max Level Barbarian Build

      At max level, you can choose all four perk slots. Here's what your perks and abilities might look like.



      Morale Boost

      Savage Roar





      We've gone for Morale Boost, Smash, Berserker and Carnage for the perks, and stuck with Savage Roar and Rage for the reason laid out above.

      Here's why we've picked those perks.

      • Morale Boost – Health regen is very useful for solo, and even if you're running with Cleric, HP regen on the fly is great. Bandages and HP pots render this a bit less useful if you're approaching runs with consumables ready to go.
      • Smash – One of the Berserker's most enjoyable abilities if being able to smash doors and chests. This really speeds up your run.
      • Berserker – More damage, more fun. You can stack up to an 18% damage boost after multiple successful kills, which is enough to bring the required swings of an axe down from three or four to just two.
      • Carnage – Likewise, Carnage is a great offensive passive.

      Best Barbarian Gear To Look Out For

      Here's a closer look at the sort of weapons and gear you should be keeping an eye out for as a Barbarian.

      • Two-Handed Axes are your friend – these things can do massive damage, just aim for the head.
      • Depending on whether you've taken the perk that gives you a buff for not wearing chest armor, you're really looking for armor with the best AR (that's Armor Rating), and Armor with the Might stat as this impacts your strength.
      • Magical Resistance is another decent attribute to watch out for.

      Barbarian Gameplay Tips

      The Barbarian is slow but powerful. Here are some tips to get better at the class.

      • Swing for the head. Downwards swings of your Two-Handed Axe are pretty much guaranteed to cleave an enemy's head. Headshot damage is massive.
      • Use your Savage Roar on big groups of enemies. Savage Roar has a fear effect that sends enemies running. You can use this to easily kill groups of enemies.
      • Rage is great for closing gaps on enemies or for making an escape.
      • Target the squishy classes first. You are able to kill Rogues, Rangers, and Wizards with just a couple of swings with your axe.
      • If paired up with a Wizard, ask for the Haste spell. Once this is applied, you can charge at enemies and deal massive damage.

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