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Choosing your Specialist is just as important as the rest of your loadout in Battlefield 2042. While there are ten Specialists to choose from, some are far stronger than others. Constantin Anghel, known in-game as Angel, is easily one of the game's strongest Specialists.

This is mostly due to his Loadout Crate gadget, allowing Angel to swap his weapons and gadget whenever he sees fit. He might seem underwhelming on the surface, but with some setup, Angel can single-handedly swing games in your team's favor. Let's go over how Angel works, what his Loadout Crate does, and some tips to get the most out of this Specialist.

Angel Specialist Overview

GadgetLoadout Crate: Resupply ammo, armor, loadout call-in
PassiveTrauma Surgeon: Revive any ally/patients gain armor

Angel is one of two Support Specialists in Battlefield 2042, the other being Falck. Instead of healing allies with his gadget, Angel uses a Loadout Crate to resupply allies with ammunition and armor plating. This gadget can also call down a crate that lets Angel and his allies swap to any premade loadout. In essence, Angel can swap his weapons and secondary gadget whenever he pleases.

Beyond that, Angel can also support his entire team with his Trauma Surgeon passive. Any downed member of your team can be revived, not just squadmates. Revived allies also have 20 armor. Overall, Angel is the most versatile Specialist in 2042. His gadget allows him to have infinite ammo and armor. The Loadout Crate itself allows Angel to pull off some absurdly strong combinations, the most notable being the SOFLAM and Recoiless M5 combo. If you want a Specialist that can do just about everything, Angel is your best option.

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Gadget And Passive

Loadout Crate

Loadout Crate is effectively two gadgets:

  1. Fire Input: Throw out an armor plate that grants +20 armor and ammunition.
  2. Aim Input: Call down a Loadout Crate that allows you and your allies to swap their loadout. This includes your weapons, grenade type, and secondary gadget.

Both effects are incredibly powerful on their own. The armor plates that Angel throws out are just as effective as an IBA Armor Plate and Ammo Crate, and they recharge fairly quickly. This effectively gives Angel a permanent +20 armor and infinite ammo. Armor is incredibly powerful in 2042, allowing you to absorb one-shot sniper rifles and a few more bullets from most assault rifles and SMGs.

The Loadout Crate is Angel's strongest tool, allowing him to use any secondary gadget that suits the situation. Better yet, swapping your loadout restores all uses of your secondary gadget, allowing allies to restore C5 charges or M5 rockets. A good Angel will keep their team stocked up on ammo, armor, and gadget uses.

Trauma Specialist

Similar to Falck's passive, Angel can review any downed ally—not just squadmates. He revives downed allies twice as fast as other non-Support Specialists, and revived allies are brought back with +20 armor. It's a little worse than Falck's passive, but Angel's Specialist gadget more than makes up for that.

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Tips And Tricks

  • Create loadouts with different gadgets before starting a match. This lets you swap between secondary gadgets your Loadout Crate.
  • Angel can mark a target with a SOFLAM, swap to a rocket launcher through his Loadout Crate, then lock onto the market target. This strategy will one-shot air vehicles and deal massive damage to most armored vehicles, plus it gives your M5 rockets aggressive tracking.
  • After a gunfight, throw an armor plate at your feet. Angel will grab it, topping off your armor and ammo for the next engagement.

    • A future patch will streamline this to work like Falck's gadget, allowing you to self-armor by holding the Specialist gadget input.

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