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Returning from Battlefield 1 and V, Breakthrough is the second core mode of Battlefield 2042. Attackers fight to capture territory from the defending team. Unlike All-Out Warfare, only two flags can be captured at a time, leading to some intense 64v64 action.

For those who haven't played any recent Battlefield titles or are entirely new to the series, this guide will give a quick overview of how Breakthrough works. We'll go over how the attackers push back the defenders and how the defenders hold their ground. We'll also be covering some useful tips and tricks for playing this mode as the attackers and defenders.

Breakthrough Overview

Breakthrough pits two teams against one another in a fight to gain or hold ground. Each team is given the role of attacker or defender. Attackers must take two flags from the defending team with their limited amount of tickets. Defenders keep the attackers at bay until their tickets reach zero. Should the attackers capture both flags, the skirmish line shifts further back to reveal two more flags. When the attackers have captured all of the flags, they win. Conversely, if the attacking team has their ticket count reach zero, the defending team wins.

If you haven't played the last two Battlefield games, this is effectively Rush with flags instead of MCOMs—allowing the defending team to retake a captured flag. You'll need to synergize Specialists, gadgets, and vehicles to win.

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Attackers start a Breakthrough match with 300 tickets and a multitude of vehicles. Their goal is to take over every Sector that the defenders are holding. Each Sector is made up of two flags. Unlike Conquest, you can only take one Sector at a time.

Once the attackers take over a Sector, the skirmish line will shift further back. Defenders will have 30 seconds to retreat and fortify their position, and Attackers get 150 extra tickets. The number of Sectors you'll need to capture will depend on the map, but once your team has taken every Sector, the attackers will win.

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Defenders have one job: reduce the attacker's ticket count to zero. Unlike the attacking forces, defenders have infinite tickets; they can respawn as much as they need. However, defending teams typically receive fewer vehicles than the attacking forces, and you're forced to defend two objectives at once.

Unlike Rush from previous Battlefield games, a captured flag in your Sector can be retaken. If the attacking forces capture a flag, focus on your second objective. You can have a small group of defenders recapture the first point to split the attacking forces again. Defenders have a limited number of Sectors. If all of the Sectors are captured by the attackers, you lose the game. Defenders will need to effectively synergize their Specialist gadgets and vehicles to win on some of 2042's more open maps.

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Tips And Tricks

Since Breakthrough is a fundamentally different experience for each team, we'll be splitting this section into three parts: general tips, attacker tips, and defender tips.

General Tips

  • Warm Up With Bots – You can start a Breakthrough game where it's just you versus bots. In the main menu, select "Change Gamemode." Switch the game experience to "Solo & Co-op."

    • You can adjust the difficulty of the bots and map rotation in this menu.
    • This is a great way to unlock weapon and vehicle attachments.
    • Note: There's an XP cap with bot-only matches.
  • Spot Targets – Spotting targets with Casper's Drone or Prox Sensor grenades grants an absurd amount of XP and helps your team focus fire on the enemy team.
  • Bring Anti-Vehicle Gear – C5 Explosives and Sundance are excellent for Breakthrough. Both counter vehicles with ease.
  • Attacker Tips

    • Get Comfortable With Helicopters – Good helicopter pilots are mandatory for winning Breakthrough on maps with Skyscrapers, mainly Kaleidoscope and Hourglass.
    • Bring Medics – Since tickets are sparse, reviving your teammates is a great way to ration your ticket count. Falck and Angel are the best Specialists for this playstyle.
    • Use Call-Ins – Make sure you have the maximum number of Rangers and vehicles on the battlefield to increase your odds of winning.

    Defender Tips

    • Camp Rooftop Objectives – Maps with skyscraper objectives are practically a free win for defenders. Use the Call-In System to support the rooftops with vehicles, making it nearly impossible for the attackers to win.
    • Play Defensive Specialists – Irish's deployable cover can block passages for vehicles and disable elevators. Boris' turret deals excellent damage and 3D spots targets, assisting with target acquisition during chaotic gunfights.
    • Use SOLFAMs – Once you've unlocked it, the SOFLAM makes vehicles significantly less dangerous. Mark a target, then have your teammates shoot rockets at the vehicle. It won't survive.

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