Battlefield 2042: Casper Specialist Guide

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Battlefield 2042 has replaced the traditional class system with Specialists, characters that have a unique gadget and passive. Any character can use any weapon and secondary gadget now, so each Specialist's playstyle revolves heavily around their gadget.

Wikus Van Daele, known in-game as Casper, fulfills the traditional Recon class role from past Battlefield titles, spotting targets from a distance with a unique drone. While his playstyle might be boring for some, Casper's gadget and passive make him one of the most versatile and powerful Specialists in 2042. This guide will give a brief overview of how Casper works, details about his gadget, and some tips to get the most out of this Specialist.

Casper Specialist Overview

GadgetOVP-Recon Drone: Scout ahead without risk
PassiveMovement Sensor: Sensor suite alerts you to nearby threats

Casper is a Recon Specialist that focuses on spotting targets and disabling vehicles. His OVP-Recon Drone is the star of the show, allowing Casper to spot targets and EMP vehicles from safety. The Recon Drone is remote-controlled and has a fairly long connection range, allowing you to spot targets hundreds of meters away from you. Should the drone get close to a vehicle, you can temporarily disable it with an EMP lock-on charge.

Beyond that, Casper has an added layer of safety with his Movement Sensor passive. If any enemy is behind you, the bottom of your HUD will start glowing, even if you're currently using the Recon Drone. This allows Casper players to safely spot targets from safety and reposition if things get dicey. Casper's playstyle is quite passive, although a good Casper player can easily swing a game in your team's favor. He's also the best Specialist in 2042 for farming XP.

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Gadget And Passive

OVP-Recon Drone

The OVP-Recon Drone is a remote-controlled gadget that lasts for an indefinite amount of time, although it does have a rather small health pool. It has an effective range of 300 meters before your connection breaks, forcing the drone to enter a short cooldown state before it can be used again.

While manually controlled by Casper, it will automatically spot enemy targets that are around 80 meters within your field of view. Targets are only spotted for a few seconds, although you can extend this duration by keeping your drone's camera on the target. You can exit the drone at any time. Additionally, the drone counts as a physical object, allowing you to place items like Medical Crates and C5 onto the drone.

By holding the aim input, the Recon Drone will enter a lock-on mode whenever a vehicle is within 15 meters of the drone. After a short lock-on period, the drone will EMP the vehicle for a few seconds. While affected by an EMP, the vehicle can only move. There's a short cooldown before you can EMP a vehicle again.

Movement Sensor

Whenever an enemy is directly behind your character, the bottom of your HUD will begin to flash red. This effect occurs even while in your drone or a vehicle. The closer a target is, the more vibrant this effect will be. Use this passive to stay safe while using a drone or sniping.

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Tips And Tricks

  • You can strap C5 onto your drone, allowing you to destroy vehicles from safety.
  • Each spotted enemy that dies will count as an assist. Frequently spot targets to rack up an immense amount of XP.
  • Your drone will stay in place when you exit the gadget. Mark a target with your drone, exit the drone, then use a long-range weapon to take out the target.
  • EMP charges can disable Specialist gadgets and destroy certain equipment, notably Insertion Beacons.

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