Battlefield 2042: Sundance Specialist Guide

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Battlefield 2042 features ten Specialists that players can choose from. Unlike classes from past titles, Specialists are only limited to a unique gadget and passive. These gadgets are incredibly powerful, capable of countering vehicles or granting an immense boost to a character's mobility.

Emma "Sundance" Rosier is unique in that they have a gadget and passive that helps with both. Sundance's grenades counter just about every strategy in 2042, and their passive allows Sundance to traverse the battlefield as quickly as most vehicles. This guide will cover Sundance's gadget, explain how the wingsuit works, and give some tips on how to best use this Specialist.

Sundance Specialist Overview

GadgetGrenade Belt: Multiple grenade payloads
PassiveWingsuit: Equips CW-2A Wingsuit instead of Parafoil

Sundance is the ultimate counter to 2042's vehicle meta. Their Grenade Belt gadget allows Sundance to throw one of three grenade types at any moment. You can throw a scatter grenade to kill infantry, an anti-armor grenade to destroy vehicles, or an EMP grenade to disable vehicles and gadgets.

The Wingsuit is arguably the strongest passive in 2042, allowing Sundance to fly across the map with little issue. The momentum of the wingsuit allows Sundance to move just as fast as a lightly-armored vehicle. Sundance's mobility is simply unrivaled, something they take full advantage of with the Grenade Belt gadget.

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Gadget And Passive

Grenade Belt

This gadget gives you three different grenades you can switch between through the Plus System. Each grenade does the following:

  1. Scatter Grenade: Detonates into a smaller cluster of explosives, dealing immense damage to infantry.
  2. Anti-Armor Grenade: Aggressively tracks a vehicle until it makes contact. Deals more damage than an M5 rocket.
  3. EMP Field: Creates an electrical field that disrupts vehicles and gadgets.

Just like the other Specialist gadgets, Sundance's Grenade Belt will regenerate uses over time. You can hold up to two charges of this gadget at any time. Out of your options, the Anti-Armor Grenade is hands-down the best grenade. It aggressively tracks vehicles and can three-shot armored vehicles. The Scatter Grenade is also solid for CQC engagements. EMP effects are lackluster in the current meta, so your third grenade won't see much use. With that said, it's excellent for disabling vehicles or shutting down a cluster of Boris turrets.


Instead of deploying a parachute on freefall, Sundance can deploy a wingsuit. This wingsuit grants a large surge of momentum when deployed, enough to traverse across a Sector or two. You'll want to continuously adjust your pitch while flying, diving before pulling up to build and maintain speed. The wingsuit can be manually disabled at any time. Fall damage is also disabled while the wingsuit is active; nose-diving into the ground won't kill you. It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of, but once you do, Sundance's Wingsuit offers more mobility than Mackay's Grappling Hook.

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Tips And Tricks

  • The Anti-Armor Grenade can track vehicles from an absurd range. When in doubt, throw an Anti-Armor grenade in the air.
  • Try to land on elevated platforms with Sundance's wingsuit. Land, bunny hop, then redeploy your wingsuit to maintain momentum.
  • Use Prox Sensors with Sundance. Throw one in a hot zone, then throw a Scatter Grenade to land some easy kills.
  • C5 is incredibly strong on Sundance. Wingsuit flying lets you close the gap with ease.
  • If you need to pull a quick 180 in your wingsuit, cut the wingsuit. Turn around, wait a second, then redeploy the wingsuit.

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