Battlefield 2042 Update Promises "400+" Fixes

Battlefield 2042 launched at the tail end of 2021 and suffice to say, neither EA nor DICE was expecting the game to perform quite as poorly as it has done up until now. The newest installment in the Battlefield series was one of the worst reviewed games of the year. Down there with the likes of eFootball, a game that was so poorly received, Konami decided its official launch was actually this past week as it rolled out a major update for the game.

Speaking of updates, Battlefield 2042 will be getting one of its own next week. DICE community manager Kevin Johnson has shared some of the fixes and tweaks coming to the game via Update 4.0 and while the full patch notes won't be available for another few days, they have revealed some of the things loyal and returning players have to look forward to.

The update will apparently include more than 400 fixes, so the information Johnson has revealed thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the changes detailed by the community manager include balancing vehicular warfare, updates to characters including Rao and Paik, and Ribbons will be changed to allow for easier unlocking across others modes, like Rush. Attachments will also be getting an overhaul in an attempt to make them more impactful on your loadout.

These changes can't come soon enough for Battlefield as playercount wise, things keep going from bad to worse. The first red flag came when its concurrent count dropped below Battlefield 5's on Steam, and then continued to drop to the point it was on par with Battlefield 1. The latest update revealed that this week, Battlefield 2042's playercount has dropped into triple figures for the first time.

Despite EA already admitting the game was a failure, DICE continues to try and make something of Battlefield 2042. The updates are coming and hopefully, next week's will be one that drastically improves the game and brings some lapsed players back. This is a game most people would have paid a lot of money for after all, which likely means people will be willing to give it a second and maybe even a third chance, opportunities a free-to-play game wouldn't be as likely to get.

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