Bayonetta 3 – Chapter 13: Kingdom of One Walkthrough

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Bayonetta 3 shows the new multiversal villain, called Singularity, and the threat he represents across all the existence. Fortunately, the good side has an umbra witch that will do whatever it takes to save the innocent.

We're reaching the end of this game, and as the stakes get higher and higher, you must travel once again to another plane, while Jeanne and Doctor Sigurd wait for you in Thule. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Verse #1

Once you're in Ginnungagap, look to your left and you will see a purple portal that will lead you to this verse. This is a challenge where you must defeat all the enemies before the time runs out, and without access to the Witch Time Mechanic. Once you're done, you will earn a Broken Moon Pearl as a reward.

  • Enemies: Lacunosus, Nebulosus, Pannus

Verse #2

Now in another plane, a new verse starts and you must defeat the enemy Aureole. This fight will see you taking the form of Madama Butterfly, so beat the hell out of this enemy as hard as possible until you reach the next phase of the fight, where three Cumulonimbus will jump in. Dispatch them quickly, and a cutscene will begin.

  • Enemies: Aureole, Cumulonimbus

Verse #3

Once the cutscene ends, you will have to beat Luka once and for all in his Strider form. The main recommendation for this fight is to use the Witch Time as often as possible to dodge his unrelenting offensive, but also so he can't one-shot your Infernal Demons. Be persistent and you should be able to defeat him.

  • Enemies: Strider, Dark Adam


In each chapter, there are five objectives called Bewitchments, and they vary from chapter to chapter. These can involve fulfilling certain conditions like developing perfectly in combat, destroying particular objects in the background, or just finding particular secrets.

#1 – Collect 25 Lotuses in GinnungagapGrab every Lotus you see during the Ginnungagap running sequence.
#2 – Activate Perfect Witch Time 5 times while riding Madame ButterflyAchieve this during the Aureole Fight.
#3 – Avoid getting hit by Dark Adam's enlargement attackDuring the second part of the Strider fight, be sure to avoid this AoE attack.
#4 – Hit Aureole with Madame Butterfly's Flutter KissAchieve this during the Aureole Fight.
#5 – Defeat an enemy while moving through collapsing GinnungagapAt the end of the Ginnungagap sequence you will find several enemies, just kill one while you move.

Umbran Tears Of Blood

Across every chapter, you will find three animals called Umbran Tears Of Blood. Collecting the three of them in each chapter will unlock its alternative version, with new challenges and rewards.

CatYou will find this Cat on the left side of the first stable ground rest, sitting out in the open.
FrogYou will find this Umbran Tear in the first stable ground rest in Ginnungagap. Turn around the stalagmite to your right, and you will see the Frog resting in it.
CrowThe Crow will be located on the top end of the spiral pathway made of stable ground.

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