Become a DJ on Oculus Quest Today With Electronauts

Virtual reality (VR) developer Survios has got quite a big year ahead with some major titles on the way, but that does mean it has forgotten to keep previous titles updated and relevant. So far the Oculus Quest has been the big consumer VR hardware launch of the year, and Survios supported the headset at launch with Creed: Rise to Glory. Today, another of the studio’s back catalogue comes to the standalone headset, DJ experience Electronauts.

Released less than a year ago for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR, Electronauts is a DJ experience with a twist, no turntables. Instead, Survios created what is called the ‘Music Reality Engine’, offering players a way to remix popular tracks from a variety of music genres without needing any skills whatsoever. This allows players to experiment to their heart’s content and they’ll always be in tune and in sync.

With two sticks in hand like a composer, the title gives players a massive array of sound-altering options to choose from. Record loops, sequences, layer filters and more (there are even musical grenades), twist and distort over 40 songs from 50  artists across genres such as EDM, hip hop and dubstep.

Electronauts achieved a full five stars in VRFocus’ review which said: “Survios has managed to do what few VR developers have done, secure a hat trick of quality titles that should be in everyone’s library. Electronauts combines a wonderfully elaborate yet perfectly simple gameplay design alongside some of the best dance tunes from around the world, making for a videogame that will have you playing for hours and wanting ‘just one more go.’”

From the listing on Oculus Store, Electronauts does seems to support cross-buy support between Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, which is good news if you already own the title. The listing does state a 6th June launch date, although at the time of writing the videogame wasn’t live.

On the horizon from Survios are two exciting looking titles, The Walking Dead Onslaught, an official VR experience with its own original story based on the franchise. And Battlewake, a pirate-themed combat experience expected summer 2019. As further details are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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