Bernie’s Gonna Get You In This Terrifying New Resident Evil 7 Mod

A deranged cannibalistic family, moldy blobs of horror, swarms of supernatural bugs, and Bernie Sanders? You might be wondering what do these things have in common, well the answer is that they will all hunt you down and kill you in Resident Evil 7. A recent mod sees Bernie Sanders chasing down the player in the Baker’s house. Honestly, it’s more frightening than anything else in the game.

A video is making the rounds on Twitter showing off Bernie in the game. The 28-second clip shows Bernie smashing through walls and floating down hallways as he chases the player with a floating shovel. It seems that Bernie has taken the place of the deranged dad, Jack, as he bursts into the hallway and smashes up the house in a murderous rage —all from the comfort of a metal folding chair.

Of course, sitting Bernie has become an iconic meme from the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden a couple of weeks ago. A photograph that was snapped of the Socialist Democrat at the Inauguration showed him sitting crossed-legged in a chair, isolated from other attendees, wearing comically large mittens, and looking particularly grumpy about the whole thing. The photo instantly became a meme and the image has been popping up all over the Internet.

This nightmare-inducing Bernie mod comes from Twitter user @ToastedShoes. It looks like Resident Evil 7 is not the only place he has deployed a mitten-clad Sanders either. This Resident Evil clip comes from a longer video posted to the user’s YouTube channel. The full video shows off Sanders in a ton of video games, including Dark Souls, Devil May Cry 5, Fallout 4, and even the iconic opening scene of Skyrim. Bernie is truly everywhere.

Modders are having a field day with incorporating the Bernie meme into all types of video games. Recently, Sanders became a playable character in Soulcalibur 6 and his iconic mittens were introduced as an item in Dungeons & Dragons. Now, he can terrify a whole new generation as he chases poor Ethan Winters through the Baker mansion. It is hard to tell where Bernie will pop up next.

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