Black Desert Online Offering 200 Free Cron Stones To Mark The Lunar New Year

Black Desert Online is celebrating the Lunar New Year by giving away tons of in-game items, including 200 Cron Stones for each player. Pearl Abyss is running the promotion until February 23.

You can claim your free items through Steam or a web app using the code “BDOHLNY.” Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll find two J’s Box and two K’s Box in your inventory. All told, these account for 1000 Ancient Spirit Dust, New Years Sweets, 200 Cron Stones, Wishful Pouch of Good Fortune, and a few other mystery items.

Cron Stones are the lifeblood of Black Desert’s enhancement system. If you happen to fail your gear enhancement attempt, Cron Stone’s prevent its level from dropping. In the case of accessories, it prevents them from being destroyed entirely. Once you get towards the end-game of BDO, no doubt you’ll want to stack up on these premium items before trying to upgrade to PEN gear.

1000 Ancient Spirit Dust will also help with the enhancement process, although you’ll no doubt find the Cron Stones to be the bigger attraction with this Lunar New Year gift. New Years Sweets, Wishful Pouches of Good Fortune, and the other items are a nice touch, but free Cron Stones don’t come around too often – take the expensive item while you can.

If you haven’t yet done so, you’ll want to take a few minutes to register for a server transfer. Pearl Abyss is taking the reins from Kakao in North America, and unless you sign up for a transfer you’ll lose all your progress. Registering for a transfer only takes a few minutes – so make sure you head over to the official website before May 31, at which point your character will be deleted.

Black Desert Online’s Lunar New Year promotion will run until February 23. You’ll still need to pray to “RNGesus” if you want to pull off a PEN, but at least you’ll have 200 Cron Stones to make the process a bit less painful.

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