Black Desert Online Sage Awakening Now Available On PC, Heading To Consoles On April 28

Black Desert Online today introduced Sage Awakening on PC, giving the caster-type class a boost to his agility and offensive skills. While Sage Awakening is live on PC, console players will need to wait until April 28 to check out his new moves.

After Awakening, Sage trades in his Kyve for a lightning-powered spear – Kibelius. This gives him the ability to rapidly move through the environment, calling down lightning strikes as he goes. Pearl Abyss mentioned that Sage can also “summon the almighty Arkanon to assist him” in battle.

The Awakened Sage comes with several new skills, and Pearl Abyss was quick to highlight a few of its favorites:

  • Lightning Prison opens a massive rift in space and calls down a torrent of lightning spears to drown enemies in an electric downpour.
  • Impaling Flash imbues Sage’s spear with lightning and, when thrown, marks enemies who are hit. Sage takes the form of an electric current to rush them in a dizzying barrage. The skill becomes stronger when more enemies are marked.
  • Divine Executioner has Sage throw his spear into the air and leap up to hurl it at enemies below. The spear releases a shock around its point of impact, and players can change Sage’s target and position relative to his enemies with different input commands.
  • Spear Bolt shoots Sage’s spear at foes with all of his might and passes through enemies with an electric charge.

Sage Awakening is accompanied by a log-in rewards event. Simply jump into BDO over the next few days and you’ll have the chance to win a new pet, maid, inventory slot, and more.

Sage is the latest class to come to Black Desert Online, arriving in the middle of March. His Awakened skillset looks like a great contrast to his current abilities – providing him with more mobility and a powerful new weapon with flashy new animations.

To start the Sage Awakening process, make sure you’re at least level 56. Then, pick up the [Sage Awakening] Hurried Footsteps questline from the Black Spirit.

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