Borderlands 3: How To Get The Rough Rider Shield

There are loads of awesome shields to augment yourself with in Borderlands 3. There are also some particularly odd ones that are just amusing to experiment with.

The legendary Rough Rider can sort of be considered both of these, but more so the latter. Here’s what you need to know about the Rough Rider and how to get it.

What Is The Rough Rider?

Making its return from Borderlands 2, the Rough Rider is a shield that’s been given an upgrade in status from unique to legendary. Fittingly, the shield has also been bumped up in terms of its effectiveness from that game.

Still, the item remains pretty divisive with its unique and bizarre features, which come with their pros and cons. It won’t be for everyone, but those who know how to properly take advantage of it can milk a lot of value from it.

What’s With The Name?

One fun bit of trivia first – the shield’s name and flavor text quote are a cheeky reference to President Theodore Roosevelt, who founded the military group the “Rough Riders.” He also happened to establish the Bull Moose party, explaining the seemingly random flavor text. But onto the practical details…

The Rough Rider’s Features And Benefits

First and foremost, the shield holds the distinct feature of having a capacity of zero. Come again? Yes, this would seem to make the item useless, but this can actually be exploited under the right circumstances.

The biggest example includes the Siren Amara, whose Enlightened Force tier 1 skill, Trust In Yourself, dials up her reload, charge, and weapon swap speed following a broken shield.

Specifically, reload speed gets an initial 4% boost, charge speed 8%, and weapon swap 16%. Being a zero-capacity shield, this always registers as being broken when equipped, thus keeping these speed buffs permanent as long as you’re using it.

Another example is Zane’s Calm, Cool, Collected from his Under Cover skill tree. In this case, a fully-charged shield will give Zane health regeneration of 3% per second. As mentioned, the Rough Rider also registers as always being full, giving him a consistent flow of health regeneration. Pretty nifty, eh?

More significantly though is the shield’s other perks that act as a sort of substitute or compromise for the vacant capacity.

Instead of focusing on shields, the item juiced up your health and damage resistance. It takes away in one area, but it gives in another — on a pretty significant level.

Rough Rider Stats

  • 35% boost of overall max health.
  • Reduces incoming damage by 23%.

Other Notes To Keep In Mind

  • The Deathless artifact doesn’t actually increase the Rough Rider’s shield capacity. It stays put at zero despite the artifact’s boosts in shield capacity and recharge.
  • It won’t work with the Topped Off guardian rank perk.
  • The shield technically counts as having a status of “full” and “depleted” depending on the skill’s condition or scenario.
  • However, the shield does not register as “active.”
  • Has a chance to spawn in the “Adrenaline” variant. This grants an increase in reload speed.
  • Has a chance to spawn in the “Sprint” variant. This grants 10% movement speed.
  • Its stats aren’t affected by the shield’s level.

Where To Find The Rough Rider

Now for an even more practical detail — where can this shield actually be found? How can it be obtained? As the drops are mostly random, there’s no surefire way to have it drop or consistent location to nab it.

With that said, there are some methods that can increase the odds of finding one and enemies with a greater chance of dropping one:

  • The shield is a random world-drop from any source in the game, including bosses, Hammerlock creatures, slot machines, and the golden chest.
  • Unlock Mayhem mode to increase the drop rates of rarer equipment.
  • The golden chest in Sanctuary can also yield the Rough Rider. Load up on Golden Keys to increase the odds of landing one.
  • The Red Jabber has an increased chance of dropping one. She is located in the Ambermire on Eden-6.
  • Try to farm the Chupacabratch on Athenas for quick, optimal farming. He is a Hammerlock Legendary hunt creature, who lurks across the bridge leading to Captain Traunt.

  • The Rampager — a monster protecting the Vault on Promethea — is also a good boss to farm for the Rough Rider. You can use the forgotten Basilica fast travel point as a means of returning quickly to farm the boss.
  • A rare spawn enemy in the underground Lectra City known as Urist McEnforcer also has an increased chance of dropping the Rough Rider. Though his chance of spawning is low, he does offer a pretty decent chance to score this shield. At the very least, you’ll get ample XP from doing this, so don’t give up!

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