Bounty Battle Is The Smash Bros For Indie Stars

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might have the most impressive roster of characters in video game history, but the indie gaming fans of the world will soon have a chance to create a tier list of their own, as Bounty Battle is bringing together fighters from over 20 different indie titles to fight each other for the title of Master of the Universe.

Bounty Battle is a 1-4 player brawler title featuring characters from some of the most acclaimed modern indie titles. It will feature a story mode and local multiplayer battles, over ten different stages inspired by the indie game characters on its roster, and will include multiple color & palette swap options for its roster.

Bounty Battle Cover

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Bounty Battle was initially funded by backers on Fig back in 2017 and the game is almost ready to be released, as it was featured during the recent Nintendo Indie World Direct. Bounty Battle is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in summer 2020. The story of Bounty Battle involves a contest between different universes, as champions from each game world are picked to decide the fate of the multiverse. All of the contestants have a bounty placed on their head and the one who claims all of the bounties will be declared the Master of the Universe.

The roster of characters in Bounty Battle includes heroes and villains from games like Flinthook, Nuclear Throne, Axiom Verge, Death’s Gambit, Guacamelee, Tower of Samsara, Awesomenauts, Blocks that Matter, Doko Roko, Eitr, Dead Cells, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Darkest Dungeon, Steamworld Dig, Blubber Busters, Super Comboman, Owlboy, Blasphemous, Jotun, Ruin of the Reckless, Oddmar, and The Bug Butcher. Each of the characters has their own unique moveset and Minion that can aid them in battle.

Companies like Nintendo and Square Enix have often released crossover games using characters from their biggest franchises and similar events have happened with smaller developers. Bounty Battle might be the biggest crossover of its type for indie games. The game brings characters from under-appreciated titles together and it will hopefully inspire new interest from those who have yet to experience the amazing games that make up the roster of Bounty Battle.

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