Breath Of The Wild Fan Has Spent The Last Two Years Crafting Replicas Of In-Game Weapons

Breath of the Wild fan and cosplayer Tom van de Crommert recently shared a photo of all the game’s weapons, shields, and items that he has made in the past two years. In all, he’s created six swords (four with matching sheathes), three shields, a spear, a bow and arrow, a giant hammer, and a sheikah slate that doubles as a phone case.

Considering that they’re all full-sized props, and the fact that Tom has also made props from other games and movies in the meantime, the sheer number of works that he has on display is quite an astonishing accomplishment.

According to Tom, the props are all made from Evafoam and PVC pipes, with him drawing all the patterns himself. For the glowing Sword of Six Sages, an item that can only be unlocked in Breath of the Wild using an amiibo, he covered the foam base with led strips, built a battery pack into the handle, and than covered the whole thing with translucent packing foam.

Many of these items have been part of cosplay outfits that Tom has worn in the past year, including a recently-posted pic of himself in Link’s full barbarian outfit, complete with the Goron Stone Smasher shown in the picture.

Link the barbarian! The stone smasher is probably one of my favourite builds this year, bc its was just a big hammer I got to make🤣 Photos by @cosplay_shots #cosplayersofinstagram #wipcosplay #barbarianlink #barbarian #botwprops #legendofzelda #legendofzeldacosplay #lozcosplay #cosplay #cosplaywig #botwcosplay #botw #breathofthewild #botwprops #foamsmith #foam #breathofthewildcosplay #nintendo #nintendocosplay #link #linkcosplay #videogames #stonesmasher

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Other cosplay that Tom has previously put on display include outfits from Dark Souls, the Doom Slayer from the recent reboot of the Doom franchise, the Berserker armor from Berserk, and what’s probably his greatest accomplishment, the hoodie costume from Spiderman: Homecoming.

Me omw to go see spiderman far from home. Got some more pics back from mcm of my homemade spiderman suit, liking these low shots Photo by @cjsimages #mcmlondon #mcm #mcmlondon2019 #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplay #marvel #marvelcosplay #marvelcomic #comics #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #farfromhome #spidermancosplay #homecoming #spidermanhomecoming

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Tom hinted at the possibility of selling some of the items on display in the near future, though there’s currently no way to purchase them.

A man who has created this many items in such a short amount of time doubtlessly has more creations in the works, so it’ll pay to keep an eye on Tom van de Crommert.

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