Breath Of The Wild Glitch Gives Link Infinite Stamina And Makes Him Unkillable

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is known for having some pretty wild glitches. These glitches not only give Link massive buffs that he'd otherwise not normally be able to achieve, but they often require an absolutely ridiculous number of steps to activate. The latest glitch is no exception, but it may have all other glitches beat for both complexity and in-game bonus.

As reported by Gaming Reinvented (via Destructoid), the glitch provides Link with infinite stamina and invincibility, but it requires an enormous amount of setup. First, you need to have the upgraded Sheikah Sensor, at least one Hyrule Castle Compendium entry, access to Hyrule castle, a save file near a Goddess statue, and the camera rune active. With all then, head to the bridge leading to Hyrule Castle and stand at the point where it switches to the castle map. Hold up your shield, press A, then minus immediately afterward. You should see the Hyrule Map–if you see the castle map or a glitched-out map, you pressed the button too late.

If you see the normal Hyrule map, congratulations! You're about a quarter of the way there. Next, go to the runes list of photos and switch the map screen at the same time as pressing the B-button. Then hit Y and you'll hear an inventory selection screen sound. If you then press up and right, then hit A, the compendium will open. If it works, you'll basically have your compendium screen up but will still be active in the game world. Problem is, you can't see anything.

We're almost there. Next, reload a save file near one of those Goddess statues, then open the adventure log, and walk around with the inventory screen totally blind. Then jump into water after running out of stamina (tough to do when you can't see anything) and then finally drop the inventory screen. Congrats: you should now be in a glitched state that offers infinite stamina and invincibility.

There are, however, a few problems. First, speaking to any NPC, opening a chest, or entering a shrine will cause the game to soft lock. Also, using an item or pressing pause will end the glitch. There may also be a few steps in there that I missed, so be sure to carefully watch the Gaming Reinvented video to ensure you perform the glitch correctly.

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