Bungie Is Supporting Charity TransEquality After Colorado Shooting

Bungie has expressed solidarity with trans and LGBTQ+ people after a shooting in Colorado Springs left five dead and 17 wounded. From now until the end of November, all profits of Bungie’s Pride 2.0 Pin will go towards The National Center for Transgender Equality.

"Hate has no place in our games, our community, or our world," wrote Bungie. "Our hearts go out to those affected by the devastating events in Colorado Springs, CO."

On the evening of November 19, a gunman entered the LGBTQ+ nightclub Club Q and began opening fire with an AR-15-style assault rifle. Within minutes, he’d killed nearly half a dozen people. However, nightclub patrons were quick to organize, with several subduing the gunmen before he could inflict additional fatalities.

The gunman is currently being held without bail on five counts of first-degree murder and multiple hate crimes. The victims, according to CNN, were Daniel Aston, Raymond Green Vance, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh, and Derrick Rump.

The shooting took place on the eve of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual event that memorializes all those lost to transphobia. Bungie had already announced plans to observe both the Day of Remembrance and Trans Awareness Week with the Be True Emblem, an in-game cosmetic showcasing the Trans Awareness colors. You can obtain the emblem using code ML3-FD4-ND9 on Bungie's redemption site.

The Bungie Pride Pin can be found on Bungie's storefront and also includes an in-game emblem.

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