Bungie Raises $200,000 For Earthquake Relief In Syria And Turkey

Bungie recently announced having successfully raised more than $200,000 for disaster relief in Syria and Turkey. The funds will be directed towards helping the victims of the earthquake which struck the region earlier this week, something which caused widespread damage and destruction.

The earthquake which reached magnitude 7.8 struck the eastern part of Turkey and the western region of Syria on February 6, 2023. The disaster has caused sweeping devastation with reports of numerous collapsed buildings, widespread power outages, and substantial loss of life. The death toll currently stands at well over 27,600 with more than 87,500 injured and countless more homeless.

In response to the disaster, Bungie launched a fundraising campaign aimed at providing support to those affected by the earthquake. The company's employees, partners, and especially the wider community of players were all invited to contribute, the response being overwhelmingly positive. According to Bungie, the fundraising campaign was able to raise $200,000 within a single day. The company is currently still accepting donations.

The funds raised by the company will be directed towards providing immediate aid such as food, shelter, and medical supplies to the affected population. Bungie has partnered with Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee to ensure that all of this aid reaches the people who need it the most. “Both partners are already active on the ground in the region providing vital aid and assistance with relief efforts,” Bungie explains.

Bungie has a long history of supporting disaster relief efforts, being actively involved in providing aid to communities affected by natural disasters through its charitable arm known as the Bungie Foundation. “We are passionate about giving back to our community not only through our hospital-based Little Lights program, but also by partnering with humanitarian aid organizations in times of natural disaster and crisis,” the company describes. Little Lights provides children with fully customized entertainment which allows for “distraction, therapeutic play, and a sense of normalcy” while receiving medical care.

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