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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) has a wide range of weapons for players to use, ranging from fast-firing assault rifles to precise sniper rifles. Arguably the most overlooked weapon archetype is the handgun, a small, reliable way of taking out your opponents during tense situations.

Switching to your pistol is faster than reloading, but with a handgun as good as the P890, you might want to exclusively use this weapon instead. Two shots are all you need to kill someone at close distances, and thanks to MW2's Gunsmith, it's possible to make the P890 deadly accurate, fire faster, and practically remove its swap animation. This guide will show you how to create the best P890 build and the loadouts you'll want to pair with this fantastic handgun.

Best P890 Build

P890 Build
OpticSlimline ProTune for ADS speed; eye position is preference
LaserFJX Diod-70N/A
MuzzleFT Steel FireDo not tune
Trigger ActionBruen MG80 TriggerDo not tune
Rear GripBruen RSH-80 GripDo not tune

This setup allows the P890 to two-tap at close distances. We create a general build for this pistol that does a little of everything. The Bruen RSH-80 Grip allows you to immediately swap to your pistol, making it easy to retaliate if you get caught mid-reload. To assist with our two-tap range, we equip the FT Steel Fire muzzle to suppress our shots while increasing our range. The FJX Diod-70 laser counters the slower ADS speed. The final two attachments are up to you, but we recommend speccing for fire rate (Bruen MG80 Trigger) and equipping a good red dot (Slimline Pro).

Just about every primary works well with this setup. The pistol fastdraw makes it easy to pair the P890 with SMGs, aggressive AR builds, or weapons with slow handling like sniper rifles. Aim for the upper chest when possible, and pace your shots at further distances to land consistent three-taps.

Loadout Recommendations

LethalThrowing Knife
Field UpgradeDead Silence
Base PerksDouble Time, Tracker
Bonus PerkFast Hands | Restock
Ultimate PerkGhost

The P890 is a secondary, so you can typically run whatever you please. We'll be going for a stealthier build with this build, opting for Ghost to delay minimap detection while firing our suppressed P890. While not necessary, Fast Hands is fantastic for quickly reloading this pistol and swapping weapons—while we haven't definitively tested this, it does seem to speed up the pistol fastdraw animation. Double Time is great for navigating maps more quickly, and Tracker is useful for seeing enemy death markers while hiding your own.

As for equipment, anything works here. Dead Silence is a good Field Upgrade for suppressing your footsteps, allowing you to flank enemies much more easily in 6v6 game types. If you're a more aggressive type of player, Battle Rage might feel better. Stims are great for quickly recovering your health—and feel free to replace Fast Hands with Restock if you frequently use Stims—while the Throwing Knife gives you a one-hit melee attack.

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