Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Dead Silence Makes A Loud Noise When Used

Call of Duty will be returning to its Modern Warfare series this year. The beta for Modern Warfare 2 is live now, allowing players to give it a whirl and alert Infinity Ward to issues that might need fixing. One issue flagged by a number of players regards the Dead Silence perk. A perk that is supposed to make you silent, but actually alerts others players that you're nearby.

The Dead Silence perk has been a part of Call of Duty games for a while. Activating it will silence your footsteps, better allowing you to sneak up on your enemies. However, a change to the perk means it now has an activation noise (via PCGamesN). A whirr and a beep that plays during a short animation, and something that flies in the face of you wanting to be dead silent.

While your footsteps will indeed be silenced, anyone nearby will now know exactly where you are, or at least be alerted to the fact they are not alone. A pretty bad add-on for the perk since it seems likely that most players will be using it when they know or at least suspect an opponent is nearby. Bad news everyone, if your suspicions were right, those opponents now know you're coming for them.

“Dead Silence will trigger the loudest audio cue in the game and they will know you are coming,” one disgruntled beta player wrote on Reddit. The noise added to the perk comes at a time when more players than ever will likely be opting to add it to their loadout. Modern Warfare 2's minimap will not show red dots when an enemy fires their gun. That means listening out for footsteps, or being able to mask them, will be more important than ever.

This is still a beta which means Infinity Ward may well take this critique on board and make changes before the full game launches next month. Meanwhile, investigations and lawsuits surrounding Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard continue. The studio has been accused of harboring a toxic work culture following an investigation by the CDFEH last year.

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