Call of Duty Modern Warfare Alpha ends with PS4 beta date coming next

Call of Duty fans got their first taste of Modern Warfare multiplayer this weekend.

Only available on PS4, the special 2V2 Modern Warfare Alpha ran for longer than expected and proved popular with COD fans.

Not only was it free to download but it also didn’t require a PS Plus membership to play online.

This brought plenty of gamers to the exclusive Call of Duty test, which has now ended on the PlayStation platform.

And the good news is that the next Modern Warfare beta is just around the corner for gamers.

While we won’t be seeing any more Call of Duty actions in August, it won’t be long before the next tests begin.

And these aren’t just limited to the PS4, but will also be available to Xbox One and PC players.

“And that’s a wrap for the 2v2 Gunfight Open Alpha! Thank you all so much for participating and sending us your feedback over the weekend,” a message from developers Infinity Ward reads.

“Your feedback and suggestions have been incredibly valuable to us and have already contributed to creating a better game experience for everyone as we sprint toward the Beta next month and the full game launch on October 25th.”

The new Modern Warfare beta dates have been confirmed by Infinity Ward and will be kicking off with PS4 players.

This will start on September 12 as part of an early access period on PS4, followed by an open beta period between September 14 and 16.

So if you have pre-ordered Modern Warfare, you can look forward to a long beta testing period.

This will be followed by a second weekend of Call of Duty actions, this time including players from Xbox One and PC platforms.

This will start as an early access beta on Xbox One and PC, and will also include crossplay testing for fans.

It will end with a couple of days of open beta on all platforms, ending with the completion of the beta.

Full Modern Warfare beta dates can be found below:

Weekend 2: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Blizzard

  • September 19th to September 20th: Early Access on Xbox One, and PC. Open Beta on PS4
  • September 21st to September 23rd: Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

And here’s more from developers Infinity Ward on the subject of the new September testing:

“Coming up in September, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important testing periods for our game.

“As we’ve mentioned, the 2v2 Gunfight Alpha was only a sliver of what’s to come and the Beta will be another chance for us to show you more of what Modern Warfare multiplayer has to offer. Which means you probably have a lot of questions.

“Before Weekend 1 of the Beta kicks off on September 12th, we’ll be sharing information about what you can expect to see when you hop online, including maps, modes, customization options, weapons, Operators, and much, much more.

“But it won’t stop there. Just like the Alpha, we’ll be online with you providing daily updates during both Beta weekends, so make sure you follow @InfinityWard on Twitter and check back here so you don’t miss any important intel.”

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