Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0’s DMZ Is An Extraction Mode Launching As A Beta

There will come a time when we reach the shooter game singularity – when all the shooters everywhere become the exact same game, causing the destruction of the shooter genre as we know it. After Battle Royale, the Extraction sub-genre – made popular by Escape from Tarkov – is the latest step towards this event. Expectedly, Call of Duty Warzone's 2.0 avatar has come up with its own twist on it, called DMZ.

While there hasn't been an official reveal for DMZ to the public, Infinity Ward invited streamers and content creators to a special event to show it off. Infinity Ward has mentioned that more is yet to be added, and it will launch with Warzone 2.0 as a beta

"DMZ is a dangerous, diverse and deep open world experience where players can choose their level of intensity," says the Infinity Ward website. "Even in its earliest form, the DMZ experience is built for the most hardcore completionists: with Faction Missions, Contracts, World Events, stocking up the Stash, helping out other squads (or causing chaos), breaking open locked areas, and much more– this living world has plenty to conquer on day one.

"This sandbox mode is where players of all skill levels can choose their own way to play and win. The goal is to loot up and get out alive; it’s about exploring an active world of AQ Forces and enemy Operators, completing missions and objectives, and exfiltrating with loot, cash, valuables, and rewards to build out your inventory for the next infiltration. Set your own stakes, and ultimately earn some high-tier items for use across the rest of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0."

The inventory, loadout, and gameplay loop are quite different from what Warzone players are used to, so make sure to keep a note of all the changes. As of now, all players will have to extract from Al Mazrah Exclusion Zone as of November 16, but Infinity Ward hints that more will be added eventually.

With only a few days left for the launch of Warzone 2.0, you better make sure there's enough space on your PS5. According to reports the file size is a whopping 115.62GB.

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