Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Will Have 120-Player Lobbies

Activision has revealed that Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be unveiled in the Call of Duty Next event.

We already knew that Activision was actively hiring to make another mobile title thanks to multiple job postings that were shared in 2021. Now, we have confirmation that the game will be a mobile version of its popular PC and console title Call of Duty: Warzone.

The official website tells players to tune in to the Call of Duty Next event for further details. However, GameSpot found additional information about the game in the page’s source code. Apparently, it will feature 120-player lobbies and have authentic Call of Duty gameplay. It also mentions some sort of shared progression system, but that's all we know for now.

The decision to bring the Warzone experience to mobile has cast shadows of doubt over the future of Call of Duty Mobile. The game is already well established and has over 650 million downloads worldwide. Additionally, it has managed to garner over $1 Billion in consumer spending as well.

Taking its success into consideration, it seems like an odd decision to introduce another game that will be a direct competitor for it. Furthermore, COD Mobile is also a massive esports title and with the launch of Warzone, Activision will have to focus on maintaining two similar games. The last thing it would want is bleeding players from an already successful title.

Elsewhere, PlayStation and Xbox have failed to reach an agreement over the Call of Duty franchise. SIE President Jim Ryan recently mentioned that Xbox offered to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for three additional years, which he deemed ‘inadequate’. Furthermore, Call of Duty is also coming to Game Pass as part of the Microsoft and Activision deal. Interestingly, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the company's mobile and PC presence was the driving force behind the deal, so Warzone on mobile sounds like the logical next step.

The upcoming Call of Duty event is all set to reveal more about the franchise’s future and Modern Warfare 2 on September 15.

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