Capcom Has Pulled Resident Evil Re:Verse Open Beta Over Matchmaking Issues

If you were hoping to step into the boots of Nemesis this weekend, you’ll possibly need to make other plans. A mere seven hours after its launch, Capcom has pulled the Resident Evil RE:Verse open beta after some matchmaking issues were discovered. Currently, there is no timeframe for when the beta will be back online, but Capcom is looking into the issue and will update fans accordingly.

It appears as if this issue has affected all platforms because the beta isn’t available on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. At least the problem has been spotted now instead of when Resident Evil Village launches next month. Not that Resident Evil: Resistance took off, but RE:Verse would be dead in the water if fans couldn’t experience it on day one.

The beta wasn’t up long enough for anyone to really give impressions of it, but the previous closed beta had a mixed response. For whatever reason, Capcom keeps trying to turn Resident Evil into a competitive shooter and it has never quite nailed the landing. The closest attempt at a viable multiplayer component was in Resident Evil 5’s DLC, which introduced cooperative and competitive Mercenaries. That captured some of the same intensity that the solo Mercenaries mode had.

Cooperative play has also not been received all too well, with both Resident Evil 5 and 6 earning flak for being less horror-focused. At the same time, fans have grown to appreciate both titles, so it would behoove Capcom to look into a possible co-op expansion for any future games in the series.

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