Capcom Releases New Monster Hunter Rise Trailers, Introducing Gunlance and Insect Glaive Weapons

As we plunge into the festive period, Q1 2021 doesn’t seem that far away. Monster Hunter Rise, accompanied by a slew of other games, are ready to burst the seams of next year’s release calendar, and we’ve now received new weapon trailers from Capcom.

The first trailer reveals the powerful Gunlance, which looks like a handy weapon for jousting with one hell of a kickback. The trailer shows the hunter’s armor which matches the skin of the Gunlancer – both sporting Palamute colors. The Gunlance is a sturdy defense weapon with high-power ballistics and uses the innovative “Guard Edge” – a silkbind attack that absorbs incoming assaults to restore the weapon’s sharpness. Your return attack will then be equipped with an advantage: using the enemy’s previous attack against them.

Secondly, the Insect Glaive looks more like an alchemist’s dream, sporting a kind of portable lab experiment design. Its sparky attacks produce colorful combat, and also gives you an in-air advantage. Primed for aerial hunting tactics, the Insect Glaive uses a combination of a nimble staff and a Kinsect – used to consume the essence of monsters. Similar to the Gunlance, this converts your strike into a robust attack buff. The Insect Glaive also carries the “Recall Kinsect” which is a silkbind attack that retrieves your Kinsect while dodging an enemy. As the Kinsect returns to you, it activates a spinning attack which projects restorative extracts to heal your hunter and restore stamina.

Both trailers accompany Monster Hunter Rise’s growing list of arsenal videos, including the previously released Hammer, Sword & Shield, Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Lance, Great Sword, Bow, and Dual Blades. This catalog of informative trailers are handy tidbits to bide our time until the game’s demo release in January – which will be a nice taste of the franchise’s new chapter ahead.

Monster Hunter Rise was pushed back to March due to pandemic-related setbacks, which affected a majority of the industry this year. Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto initially wanted the game to be released earlier, but Covid restrictions delayed production by a month and the title’s release was consequently pushed back. Planning seems to be back on track for its late Q1 release, however, and Capcom’s insightful trailers are warming the blood of hunters.

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