Cardi B shows off 11 PS5 consoles and fans are seriously jealous

Cardi B isn’t exactly strapped for cash but we dread to think how much money she possibly spent on buying a total of 11 PlayStation 5 consoles. 

The WAP rapper made her Instagram followers green with envy last night as she posted a quick video of the PS5 boxes all stacked up together. 

Sharing the clip in her Instagram stories, Cardi offered no other explanation except for the caption which stated: ‘Lord.’ 

It’s not known if Cardi, 28, bought the brand new and expensive consoles for her husband Offset and other family members, or if her husband himself splashed out on the gifts. 

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Cardi was gifted the consoles by Sony PlayStation itself or another brand. 

The PS5 had been in high demand for months before going on-sale in November and has sold out in many places. 

They retail for $499 (£366) or $399 (£293) if purchasing the digital edition, which means 11 of the consoles could total around $5,489 (£4,000) at the most. 

Reacting to Cardi’s boastful post, one Twitter user questioned: ‘Why the hell cardi need 11 damn PS5’s for?’ 

Another wondered: ‘I thought PS5 were sold out how Cardi got 50 of them s***s I’m exaggerating but still.’ 

Furious with the showing off, another said: ‘Cardi b hogging all of the Ps5’s is the most disgusting thing i’ve seen this holiday season.. there’s absolutely no reason for you to have that many. Repulsive.’ 

One joked: ‘Girl, no wonder couldn’t nobody get a PS5 @iamcardib bought the whole truck.’ 

Impressed with Cardi’s hustle, another admitted: ‘Deadass got every ps5 lmao can’t even be mad.’ 

Several other celebrities have been lucky enough to get their hands on a PS5, including Made In Chelsea star James Taylor who was given a free console but chose to sell it as he preferred the PS4. 

Rapper Krept was gifted a PS5 from Boohoo while Hollywood star Will Smith and singer Jason Derulo generously gave one away to a 14-year-old cancer patient. 

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