Castles Of Mad King Ludwig: Collector’s Edition Will Feature Upgraded Tiles And New Expansions, Thanks To Kickstarter

Originally released in 2014, Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a board game that ultimately boils down to interior decorating. You play as an architect trying to build increasingly lavish castles for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, a real monarch who was such a patron of the arts that he was eventually declared insane after he bankrupted himself by over-borrowing money to build–you guessed it–increasingly lavish castles.

The game is for one to four players, takes 60 to 90 minutes, and will have lots of twists and turns thanks to Mad Ludwig’s taciturn personality.

And now, coming in 2021, Castles Of Mad King Ludwig: Collector’s Edition will let you assuage Mad Ludwig’s whims in the best way possible thanks to new art, rules for an extra player, integration of all previous expansions, and two brand new expansions.

Everything is detailed in Bezier Games trailer, which showcases the all-new art, new dual-sided game board, and new player game pieces. There’s a GameTrayZ storage organizer, new rooms and king’s favors, and the Royal Decrees and Towers expansions. Royal Decrees adds an asymmetrical element to the game, while Towers add new tower-specific rooms and custom-painted miniatures for each of the eight towers.

The Castles Of Mad King Ludwig: Collector’s Edition Kickstarter begins January 19th. Goals and stretch goals along with Kickstarter rewards haven’t been revealed yet, but you won’t have to wait too long to find ‘em out.

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