Celebrate The Arrival Of Loki On Disney+ With A Big Bowl Of Loki Charms

Lucky Charms has undergone a rebrand to celebrate the arrival of Loki on Disney Plus, and you’ll never guess what they’re called.

Today marks a big day for Disney Plus and the MCU. The season premiere of Loki, the third of the MCU’s original series and probably the most-anticipated one to date. Disney is doing a number of things to mark the occasion, including offering Disney Plus to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It also couldn’t resist the chance to team up with one of the world’s most famous breakfast cereals.

Lucky Charms has its very own YouTube channel (who knew?) and posted the video below on there earlier this week. It shows the cereal’s iconic leprechaun mascot urging viewers to sing along to help him fix the magic that is disappearing. Cycling through all of Lucky Charms’ different marshmallow bits seems to do the trick.

Sir Charms disappears through the portal that is then opened and is replaced by an animated version of the MCU’s Loki. The God of Mischief informs viewers that Lucky Charms are mischievously delicious, or perhaps he is referring to Loki Charms. The Asgardian disappears into a cloud of smoke before morphing the box of Lucky Charms by his side into Loki Charms.

The box turns green and Sir Charms turns into the same animated version of Loki who took his place in the ad. Tom Hiddlestone as Loki can also be seen on the side of the box, but its contents appear to remain unchanged. General Mills, the company that produces Lucky Charms and Loki Charms, has created 3500 boxes with this special design, so they are very limited edition.

There’ll be no finding the boxes in stores either. The only place you will be able to get them is through MischieviouslyDelicious.com. The cereal will cost $8 per box and be available from 11 am EST today (June 9, 2021). Just in time for you to eat them as a late breakfast while watching the debut episode of Loki. Well, actually, unlike Loki the cereal won’t simply appear out of thin air. It’ll need to be shipped to you so maybe eat a bowl while watching episode two next week.

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