Check Out This Cheesy Skyrim House

As far as we are aware there is no cheese land, like Disneyland but cheese. Wallace and Gromit famously went to the moon because they ran out of cheese, so they visited the orbting orb and sliced off some cheese from the moon because it's made of cheese of course. The fermented milk product, enjoyed by millions all over the world in various forms, doesn't seem to make for the best building material, but in place of moon-sized cheese, we'll have to settle for a house made of cheese.

One dairy-ing player has done exactly that, building a picturesque little house using cheese (via GameRant). They showed off their cheesy creation on Reddit, with the caption "anyone ask for cheese?"

Their picture showed off a house with windows, a doorway, a front step made of blue cheese, pillars of cheese, and potted plants at the dwelling's entrance potted in what looks to be, yes, cheese. "Very Gouda!" someone commented. Another quipped, "After a dragon comes through it'll be nothing but de-brie".

While the cheese house was very likely created using mods for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, it remains a tasty creation. Perhaps its creator christened it "Cottage Cheese" or "Cheezehome" as some speculated. So far the Reddit post, posted by u/bloodycerealbowl has a 99 percent Upvote rating in the Skyrim Subreddit, showing just how popular cheese can be.

More than a decade after its release, Bethesda's RPG remains a favourite among many players, with its landscapes, quests, characters, and overall freedom offering unquestionable replayability. The PC version of Skyrim meanwhile is endlessly stocked with useful, fun, quirky, and absurd mod creations.

One fairly recent mod that came to our attention was for Skyrim VR. In a video demonstrating the mod, we can see the player slapping an NPC to their heart's content, showing their head reacting convincingly to the slaps. It certainly looks like a great stress relief. Another mod introduced so-called 'immersive lap sitting'.

The cheese house that was built in Skyrim might offer inspiration to other Skyrim players, or even, perhaps, in real life, should someone want to create a smelly house made of cheese in our non-Skyrim world.

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